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Research Profile

Miss Cheryl Allsop 

Position:PhD Student
School:Social Sciences

Address:1-3 Museum Place

Research Interests

The investigation and detection of unsolved major crimes and major crime investigations more generally. The use of psychological interventions in policing and the processes, practices and interactions of the different parties within the Criminal Justice System.


PhD Topic/ Area

Cold Case major crime investigations


Prof Martin Innes

Prof Mike Maguire


Cheryl is a PhD student at the Universities Police Science Institute (UPSI) and the School of Social Sciences, her thesis topic is ‘Coming out of the Cold: Negotiating Multi- Disciplinary Expertise in Police Cold Case Investigations’. She has an MSc in Social Science Research Methods from Cardiff University, an MSc in Criminal Justice Studies from Portsmouth University, a Law degree from Nottingham Trent University and a Psychology degree from the Open University. Prior to joining UPSI she worked in various roles in the financial services industry.