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Research Profile

Ms Gabriella Alberti 

Conference Papers/ Publications

Alberti G.L (2010) Across the Borders of Lesvos: the gendering of migrants’ detention in the Aegean, Feminist Review, Vol. 94:  138-147

Alberti, G.L. (2009), ‘Earned citizenship’? Re-thinking integration and activism, paper presented at the Global Political Economy postgraduate conference: The shifting boundaries of citizenship: mobility, spatiality, agency, October 2009, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Alberti, G.L. (2008), Intersubjectivity, temporariness and escape: emerging subjectivities of migrant workers in London hospitality Paper presented at the Conference ‘Subjectivity’, June 2008, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Alberti, G. L. (2008), Exploring the relation between migration management and EU strategies for employment. An ethnographic study of the policy process at the European Parliament, Online Publication Postgraduate Working Paper Series, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Alberti, G.L. (2008) The Beginning of a Debate - An Interview with Professor Ruth Milkman (Director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, UCLA). Online publication.

Alberti, G.L. (2008) My fieldwork at the European Parliament: researching the everyday process of migration policy-making Paper presented at the ‘1st Annual Postgraduate Café Conference’, February 2008, Cardiff University