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Research Profile

Prof Valerie Walkerdine 

    • Regenerating Identities: subjectivity in transition in  a South Wales workforce, ESRC Identities and Social Action Research Programme, Research Fellow Luis Jimenez
    • This project is concerned with  how inhabitants of a town  which has lost its major employer,  a steelworks,  cope with the transition to a neoliberal and globalised labour market. It raises issues not only for an understanding of work subjectivity but also issues of masculinity,  class and  community. In particular, it explores the ways in which a community is formed affectivity and how it makes its way through massive  social trauma and the implications for regeneration. 


    • Subjectivity in a Changing Australian Labour Market, Australian Research Council, with Bronwyn Davies, University of Western Sydney, Senior Research Assistant Peter Bansel
    • This project links with the South  Wales one. It also investigates how experience of labour market change is lived in relation to the possibilities for subjectivity. It raises important  issues about the specificity of responses  across country and geographical location to similar labour market shifts.


    • A psychosocial approach to unemployed young men in a  South Wales town, ESRC, Research fellow Luis Jimenez
    • This project has grown out of the Regenerating Identities project, which identified difficulties some young men  were having in  engaging with available work, which they considered embarrassing, shameful and  feminine. Using a psychosocial framework, it explores the senses of despair, hopelessness and shame which circulate both in  the family and community, while exploring the possibilities for hope and change. Working papers for this project can be accessed below.