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Research Profile

Prof Gareth Williams 

Selected Recent Publications

Harrington B.E, Smith K.E, Hunter D.J, Marks L, Blackman T.J, McKee L, Greene A, Elliott E and Williams G. (2009) Health inequalities in England, Scotland and Wales: Stakeholders’ accounts and policy compared. Public Health, 123, 24-28.  

Barnes, M.C, Buck, R., Williams, G., Webb, K. and Aylward, M. (2008) ‘Beliefs about common health problems and work: a qualitative study’, Social Science and Medicine, 67, 657-665

Elliott, E. and Williams, G. (2008) ‘Developing public sociology through health impact assessment’, Sociology of Health and Illness, 31,

Cropper, S., Porter, A., Williams, G., Carlisle, S., Moore, R., O’Neill, M., Roberts, C. and Snooks, H. (Eds.) (2007) Community Health and Wellbeing: Action Research on Health Inequalities, Bristol: Policy Press

Fone D, Dunstan F, Williams G, Lloyd K and Palmer S. (2007) ‘Places, people and mental health: a multi-level analysis of economic inactivity’. Social Science and Medicine, 64, 633-645.

Blackman T, Elliott E, Greene A, Harrington B, Hunter D.J, Marks L, McKee L and Williams G. (2006) Performance assessment and wicked problems: the case of health inequalities’. Public Policy and Administration, 21, 2, 66-80.