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Research Profile

Prof David Walters 

Selected Publications

Books and Monographs

Walters, D.R and Grodzki, K. (2006) Beyond Limits? Dealing with chemical risks at work in Europe, Elsevier, Oxford

Walters, D. and Nichols, T (2007) Worker Representation and Workplace Health and Safety, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Westerholm, P and Walters D. (eds) (2007) Supporting Health at Work: International Perspectives on Occupational Health Services, IOSH, Leicester.

Refereed Journals

Walters, D.R. (2006) One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Worker Representation and Health and Safety in the United Kingdom, International Journal of Health Services, 36, 1. pp. 87-111.

Walters, D. R. and Nichols, T. (2006) Representation and consultation on health and safety in chemicals: an exploration of the limits to the preferred model, Employee Relations, Vol. 28 No 3, pp 230-254.

Walters, D.R. (2006) ‘The efficacy of strategies for chemical risk management in small enterprises in Europe: evidence for success?’ Policy and Practice in Health and Safety, Vol. 4. 1.

Nichols, T. Walters, D.R., and Tasiran, A.C. (2007) ‘Trade Unions, Institutional Mediation and Industrial Safety – Evidence from the UK’, Journal of Industrial Relations, 49 (2)

James, P., Johnstone, R., Quinlan, M. and Walters, D. (2007) Regulating supply chains to improve health and safety, Industrial Law Journal 36(2): 163-187.

Professional Journals

Walters, D.R. (2006) Rovers no more? Health and Safety at Work, pp 21-22

Walters, D.R. and James, P.(2006) Optimism misplaced? Labour and the Promise of Change, Health and Safety Bulletin, 347, pp7-9.

Walters, D. R (2006) ‘Evolution of chemical safety data systems for SMEs’, Occupational Health Review, 122 July/August.

Walters D. R. (2007) EU systems for compensation and rehabilitation; an overview, Occupational Health Review, 129: 19-24

Walters, D. R. (2007) Merger proposals in the spotlight, Occupational Health Review, 128: 16.