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Research Profile

Dr Sarah Whitehead 


Whitehead, S.H. and Lavelle, K.J. (2009). Older breast cancer survivors’ views and preferences for physical activity. Qualitative Health Research, 19(7), 894-906.

Whitehead, S.H., and Biddle, S.J.H. (2008). Adolescent girls’ perceptions of physical activity: A focus group study. European Physical Education Review, 14(2), 243-262.

Yardley, L., Kirby, S., Ben-Shlomo, Y., Gilbert, R., Whitehead, S., and Todd, C. (2008). How likely are older people to take up different falls prevention activities? Preventive Medicine, 47(5), 554-558.

Todd, C., Ballinger, C. and Whitehead, S. (2007). Reviews of sociodemographic factors related to falls and environmental interventions to prevent falls amongst older people living in the community. World Health Organization. Available here.

Whitehead, S.H., Biddle, S.J.H., O’Donovan, T., and Nevill, M.E. (2006). Social-psychological and physical environmental factors in groups differing by levels of physical activity: A study of Scottish adolescent girls. Pediatric Exercise Science, 18(2), 226-240.

Biddle, S.J.H., Whitehead, S.H., O’Donovan, T., and Nevill, M.E. (2005). Correlates of participation in physical activity for adolescent girls: A systematic review of recent literature. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 2(4), 423-434.


Published Abstracts

Whitehead, S.H., Biddle, S.J.H., Coalter, F.A., Macbeth, J.L., Nevill, M.E., and O’Donovan, T.M. (2005). Social psychological differences between high, moderate and low active groups of Scottish adolescent girls. Journal of Sports Sciences, 23, 177-178.

Biddle, S.J.H., Nevill, M.E., O’Donovan, T.M., and Whitehead, S.H. (2005). Correlates of physical activity in adolescent girls: Systematic review and update. Journal of Sports Sciences, 23, 211-212.

Gorely, T., Marshall, S., Biddle, S., Murdey, I., Cameron, N., Whitehead, S. & Mundy, C. (2004). Sedentary behavior and physical activity among British adolescent girls. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 27(suppl), S090.


Conference Presentations

“A Smoker’s Health Profile for Wales.” Oral presentation at the ASH Wales “Smoke Free Futures: Tobacco Control Conference”, October 2010.

“A systematic style review of the quality of websites offering falls related advice to older members of the public and their families.” Oral presentation at the Prevention of Falls Network Europe Symposium for Health Professionals, Barcelona, November 2006.

“Differences in social-psychological and physical environmental factors according to moderate and vigorous physical activity levels of Scottish adolescent girls.” Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, Amsterdam, June 2005.

“Social psychological differences between high, moderate and low active groups of Scottish adolescent girls.” Oral presentation at the Annual Conference of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool, September 2004.      



Whitehead, S., de Lacy, E., Buchanan, T. Roberts, C., Walters, L., and Moore, L. (2010). A Profile a Smoking and Health in Wales. Research report prepared in conjunction with ASH Wales.

Biddle, S.J.H., Coalter, F., O'Donovan, T.M., Nevill, M.E., and Whitehead, S.H. (2003). Increasing demand for sport and physical activity in girls. Research report to Sport Scotland.