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Research Profile

Dr Samuel Waldron 


Nuri, R. P., Hoque, T., Akand, M. K., & Waldron, S. M. (under review). Impact assessment of a vocational training program, subsequent employment and associated challenges for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh. Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development.

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Waldron, S. M. (2010). Measuring subjective wellbeing in the UK. Office for National Statistics Working Paper.

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Waldron, S. M., Patrick, J., Duggan, G. B., Banbury, S., & Howes, A. (2008). Designing information fusion for the active encoding of visual-spatial information. Ergonomics, 51, 775-797.

Waldron, S. M., Patrick, J., Morgan, P. L., & King, S. (2007). Influencing cognitive strategy by manipulating information access. The Computer Journal, 50, 694-702.