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Research Profile

Dr Rachel Taylor-Swann 

  • Doctoral Research: 2008-2012

    ‘Class, status and partying: an exploration of women’s responsibilisation for their safety in the night-time economy’

    The principle aim of the research was to determine the nature and extent to which the women’s status group participation impacted on their responses to being responsibilised. Adopting an innovative qualitative mixed-method approach to data generation, the case-study research design used focus groups, semi-structured interviews, internet-based methods and observations to explore the ways in which women’s consumption is culturally mediated by their group membership. Findings from the three status groups (Professionals, Students and Locals) found significant differences in terms of the nature and extent to which the women self-regulated through the adoption of particular safety techniques and avoidance strategies in different social contexts.  Importantly, developing an understanding of how, when and why women accept, subvert or refuse responsibilisation for their safety has significance in terms of challenging a dominant discourse that ‘flattens’ the NTE into a single entity and limits understanding of its public health and safety problems, particularly alcohol-related violence against the person, to the behaviour of ‘irresponsible’ consumers and licensed venues.

    I am currently writing several journal articles drawing from the thesis, details of which will be posted here.