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Research Profile

Dr Colin Young 

    • 1986-1993: Ph.D. study into aspects of coping with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – mixed methods study of people with MS in South Glamorgan ,Wales.

    • 2000-2002: Pilot study to validate hospital-based sampling frames for complex delayed discharge cases and to test case-finding methods for parallel repeat admission cases in the community - Report to Wales Office of Research and Development in Health and Social Care Project no: SCSG01/069.

    • March 2011: Presentation to the European Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty Research Network meeting, mid-term, - inter-disciplinary conference, Ostersund, Mid-Sweden – “risk and professional artistry in social work practice”.

    • 2011-on-going: currently undertaking exploratory research into application of risk-based practice by social workers working in adult social care.