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Research Profile

Prof Gareth Rees 

Recent Publications


2009 Education for All: the future of education and training for 14-19 year olds, London: Routledge (with R.Pring, G.Hayward, A.Hodgson, J.Johnson, E.Keep, A.Oancea, K.Spours and S.Wilde).

2001 Creating a Learning Society? Learning Careers and their Relevance for Policies for Lifelong Learning, Bristol: Policy Press (with S.Gorard).

2001 Cities and Regions in the New Learning Economy, Paris: OECD (with C.Edquist).


Edited Books

2000 Education Policy Making in Wales: studies in devolved governance, Cardiff: University of Wales Press (with R.Daugherty and R.Phillips).


Journal Articles

2010 Out-of-School Learning: the uneven distribution of school provision and local authority support, British Educational Research Journal (with C.Taylor and S.Power).

2009 Out-of-School Learning: variations in provision and participation in secondary schools, Research Papers in Education, 24:4, 439-60 (with S.Power, C.Taylor and K.Jones).

2009 Learning and Working in Further Education in Wales: an overview and initial findings, Welsh Journal of Education, 14: 2, 18-28 (with M.Jephcote and J.Salisbury).

2009 The Learning Journey: students’ experiences of further education in Wales, Contemporary Wales, 23, 141-57 (with M.Jephcote and J.Salisbury).

2008 Wales since Devolution: educational research and scholarly identities, Access: critical perspectives on communication, cultural and policy analysis, 27: 1&2, 131-40 (with S.Delamont and S.Power).

2008 Being a teacher in further education in changing times, Research in Post-Compulsory Education,13:2,163-72 (with M. Jephcote and J. Salisbury).

2007 The Impacts of Parliamentary Devolution on Education Policy in Wales, Welsh Journal of Education, 14 (1).

2007 Research-capacity Building, Professional Learning and the Social Practices of Educational Research, British Educational Research Journal, 33 (5), 761-780 (with S.Baron, R.Boyask and C.Taylor).

2007 The Governance of Educational Inequalities: the limits of area-based initiatives, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 9 (3), 261-74 (with S.Power and C.Taylor).

2007 Educational Research and the Restructuring of the State: the impacts of parliamentary devolution in Wales, 6 (1), European Educational Research Journal, 87‑100 (with S.Power).

2006 Devolution and the Restructuring of Participation in Higher Education in Wales, Higher Education Quarterly, 60 (4), 370-91 (with C.Taylor).

2005 New Labour and Educational Disadvantage: the limits of area-based initiatives, London Review of Education, 3 (2), 101-116 (with S.Power and C.Taylor)

2005 Researching Learning Outcomes: building confidence in our conclusions, Curriculum Journal, 16 (1), 109-22 (with M.James, A.Pollard and C.Taylor)

2004 Democratic Devolution and Education Policy in Wales: the Emergence of a National System?, Contemporary Wales, 17, 28-43.

2002 ‘Privileging the Visible’: examining the National Targets for Lifelong Learning, British Educational Research Journal, 28 (with S.Gorard and N.Selwyn).

2002 Work-place Learning and the ‘Conveyor-Belt Effect’: assessing the impacts of the National Targets for Lifelong Learning, Oxford Review of Education, 27 (with S.Gorard and N.Selwyn).

2001 Lifelong Learning Trajectories: some voices of those ‘in transit’, International Journal of Lifelong Learning, 20, 169-87 (with S.Gorard, R.Fevre and T.Welland).

2001 Investigating the Patterns of Differential Attainment of Boys and Girls at School, British Educational Research Journal, 27, 125-39 (with S.Gorard and J.Salisbury).


Other Publications

2010 Combating Ignorance: education, social opportunity and citizenship in Wales, in G. Calder, J. Gass and K. Merrill-Glover (eds.) The Welfare State in Wales, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

2010 Devolution and Strategies for Learning and Skills: the Leitch Report and its alternatives, in IPPR (with E.Keep and J.Payne)

2010 Adult Education, Economy and Society: Political economy of adult education, in B. McGaw, E. Baker and P. Peterson (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd Edition., Oxford: Elsevier.

2008 Learning Society, in G.McCulloch and D.Crook (eds.) The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Education, London: Routledge, 354-356.

2006 History, Biography and Place in the Learning Society: towards a sociology of lifelong learning, in H.Lauder, P.Brown, J-A. Dillabough and A.H.Halsey (eds.), Education, Globalization and Social Change, Oxford: OUP (with R.Fevre, J.Furlong and S.Gorard).

2004 Regenerating the Coalfields: the south Wales experience, Bevan Foundation Policy Report No. 5, Tredegar: The Bevan Foundation (with D.Stroud).

2002 Devolution and the Restructuring of Post-16 Education and Training in the UK, in J. Adams and P. Robinson (eds.) Devolution in Practice: Public Policy Differences Within the UK, London: IPPR.

2002 Individuellt och Organisatorisk Larande i den Kunksapsbaserade Ekonomin, in K.Abrahamsson, L.Ab, T.Bjorkmen, P-E Ellstrom and J.Johansson (eds.) Utbilding, Kompetens och Arbete, Lund: Studentlitteratur, 411-27 (with C.Edquist)

2001 Learning By Doing: Devolution and the Governance of Economic Development in Wales, in P.Chaney, T.Hall and A.Pithouse (eds.) New Governance – New Democracy? Post-Devolution Wales, Cardiff: University of Wales Press (with K.Morgan).

2001 Creating a Mass System of Higher Education: participation, the economy and citizenship, in R.Phillips and J.Furlong (eds.) Education, Reform and the State: twenty-five years of politics, policy and practice, London: Routledge-Falmer.

2001 Can a Learning Society Produce a Knowledge Economy? The Learning Society and the Knowledge Economy: NACETT’s Sponsored Lecture Series Autumn 2000 (Editors W Richardson and L Unwin) Sheffield: National Advisory Council for Education and Training Targets

2000 Participating in the Learning Society: history, place and biography in the learning society, in F.Coffield (ed.) Differing Visions of a Learning Society, Volume 2, Bristol: Policy Press (with S.Gorard, R.Fevre and J.Furlong).