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Research Profile

Prof Emma Renold 

Career Profile

Academic Employment

  • Sept, 2012   Professor in Childhood Studies (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University)
  • Sept, 2009   Reader in Childhood Studies (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University)
  • Sept, 2006   Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University)
  • Sept, 2003   Lecturer in Childhood Studies (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University)
  • Sept, 2000-3   Full-time Lecturer (Social Work, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University) - three year fixed term contract
  • Mar, 2000   Education Research Fellow (0.5, job share) (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University)
  • May 1999-Jan 2000   Research Associate (School of Social Sciences): Secured funding (from NSPCC) to undertake a literature review on 'Child Pornography and the Exploitation of Children' (£6000)
  • Oct 1998-Apr 1999   Part-time Research Officer (0.4) MRC-funded project entitled 'Women's experience of breast related problems' (University of Wales, College of Medicine)
  • Oct 1998-Apr 2000   Part-time Research Officer (0.5) ESRC-funded project “Peer Violence in Children’s Homes” (part of Violence Research Programme).

Education and Qualifications

  • 1994-1999   PhD in Sociology of Education (School of Education, Cardiff University) Title: ‘Presumed Innocence: An Ethnographic Exploration into the Construction of Gender and Sexual Identities in the Primary School.
  • 1994-1995   Diploma in Social Science Research Methods (School of Education, Cardiff University)
  • 1991-1994   English literature/Education BA - First class honours (Cardiff University)

PhD Students


  • Dr Alexandra Allan (full-time) 1+3 ESRC Studentship. “Struggling for Success: An Ethnographic Exploration of the Construction of Young Femininities in a Selective, Single-Sex School” (co-supervised with Amanda Coffey)
  • Dr David Mellor (full-time) 1+3 ESRC Studentship; 'Playground Romance: An ethnography of children's investments in romantic love.' (co-supervised with Debbie Epstein)
  • Dr Nicola Critchlow  (full-time) 1+3 ESRC Studentship: Children's representations of authority figures in the home and school (co-supervised with Sally Holland and Raya Jones)
  • Dr Nika Varvara (Full-time) Bullying and children with special needs (co-supervised with Raya Jones)
  • Dr Kelly Buckley (full-time) 1+3 ESRC Studentship. “'Keeping it Real: Young working class femininities and celebrity culture' (co-supervised with Bella Dicks)
  • Dawn Mannay (full-time) 1+3 ESRC Studentship “Mothers and daughters on the margins: gender, generation and education” (co-supervised with Bella Dicks and John Fitz)
  • Tabitha Ong (part-time) The Role of Global Values in Regard to the Family Life Cycle in Hong Kong with Specific Regard to Young Adults’ Perception of Marriage, Parenthood and Family Responsibility in Late Modernity (co-supervised with Andy Pithouse)
  • Naomi Holford (full-time) +3 ESRC Studentship “Normative abuse: investigating issues of gender and power in heterosexualised violence within teenage partner relationships” (co-supervised with Amanda Robinson)
  • Mike Ward (full-time) +3 ESRC Studentship “The performance of young working class masculinities in the South Wales valleys” (Co-supervised with Debbie Epstein)


  • Jennifer Smith (full-time) +3 ESRC Studentship Gender and Sexuality in the Early Years: An Ethnography (co-supervised with Debbie Esptein)
  • Josie Austin (full-time) +3 ESRC Studentship “Young people and sexual learning in an era of ‘sexualisation’ – A mixed-methods approach” (Co-supervised with Sara MacBride-Stewart)
  • Hannah Iqbal (full-time) 1+3 ESRC Studentship “Refugee Children in Britain: a Study of Wellbeing, Integration and Resilience” (Co-supervised with Gareth Williams)
  • Ian Thomas (full-time) +3 ESRC Studentship (Homo)sex out of the city: the digital cultures of rural men who have sex with men (co-supervised with Matthew Williams)
  • Helen Sivey (full-time) self-funded, Growing up queer: non-heterosexual maturity narratives (co-supervised with Radikah Mohanram, ENCAP)


Please visit the Projects Page.

Major National and International Conference Organization

Memberships / External Activities

Capacity-building in Innovative Qualitative Research Methods

The Cardiff QUALITI node (National Centre for Research Methods) has involved extensive research capacity building across the social sciences (e.g. seminar series, training workshops etc.). QUALiti and WISERD funded projects continues to contribute significantly here. See latest seminar, “Exlporing the use of visual media in the communication of research findings

Peer Review Experience (grants, articles, book proposals)

I regularly review government-funded grant proposals, book proposals, international studentships and journal articles for a range of international journals, including: Gender and Education, International Journal of Childhood Studies, Sex Education, Sexualities, British Education Research Journal, International Journal of Social Science Research Methodology, Qualitative Research, Educational Review, Sociological Research On-line, SIGNS, Feminism and Psychology, YOUNG, Girlhood Studies.

Journal Editor

I was co-editor of the international journal Gender and Education (2006-2012). This journal now produces 8 issues per year and is ranked 3rd highest of all UK education journals and 31st of the top 100 educational journals worldwide.

Editorial Board Membership

I am editorial board member of five international journals: International Journal of Girlhood Studies (Canada), Thymos: International Journal of Boyhood Studies (USA), International Journal of Lesbian and Gay Youth (USA), Gender and Education (UK), Journal of Masculinities and Social Change (Spain).

Professional Membership

  • 2006-9  Sexualities Special Interest Group Convenor for British Educational Research Association
  • 2005-13  Executive committee member of Gender and Education Association

Member of the following associations: European Sociological Association, American Education Research Association, British Education Research Association, British Sociological Association, International Children’s Research Network, Onscenity Network, Cardiff Feminist Network.

Advisory Roles

  • Advisor to Governmental Commissioned research:  “Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood in Ireland” (2013)
  • Cross-party committee on ‘Children, Sexualities, ‘sexualisation’ and Equalities (Welsh Government)
  • Academic Advisor (2009-2010) for Open University Press textbook: Equality, Participation and Inclusion: Diverse Perspectives  (by Jon Rix, Melanie Nind, Kieron Sheehy and Katy Simmons (2010, OUP).
  • Violence Against Girls and Women (Cardiff)
  • ALLIES: Teachers’ and Parents’ Alliance for Early Violence Prevention in Preschool, (EU-funded, DAPHNE III Programme) 2010-2012, Research Consultant, €8K