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Research Profile

Dr Steven Stanley  

Selected Publications

Stanley, S. (to be submitted). The terror in the greenhouse: mindfulness meditation and the psychosocial investigation of unconscious trauma. Journal of Psycho-Social Studies.

Stanley, S. (in press, 2012). "Things said or done long ago are recalled and remembered": the ethics of mindfulness in early Buddhism, psychotherapy, and clinical psychology. European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling

Stanley, S. (in preparation, 2012). Mindfulness. In T. Teo (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology. New York: Springer.

Stanley, S. (submitted, 2012). Meditation. In T. Teo (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology. New York: Springer.

Stanley, S. (2012). Mindfulness: towards a critical relational perspective. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 6 (9), 631-706.

Stanley, S. (2012). From discourse to awareness: rhetoric, mindfulness, and a psychology without foundations. Theory & Psychology, DOI: 10.1177/0959354312463261.

Stanley, S. (2012). Intimate distances: William James' introspection, Buddhist mindfulness, and experiential inquiry. New Ideas in Psychology, 30 (2), 201-211.

Stanley, S. (2006). Review of The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research (Rugg and Petre, 2004, Open University Press). Psychology Learning and Teaching, 5 (2), 177 – 178.

Stanley, S. (2005). Power and the PhD: towards a critical view of postgraduate education. Cardiff School of Social Science, Working Paper No.82. Available online [Accessed 25 June 2007].

Stanley, S. (2005). Review of Talking about Care: Two Sides to the Story (Forbat, 2005, Policy Press). Ageing & Society, 25 (6), 987 - 988.

Stanley, S. and Billig, M. (2004a). Dilemmas of storytelling and identity. In C. Daiute and C. Lightfoot, Eds., Narrative Analysis: Studying the Development of Individuals in Society. London: Sage.

Stanley, S. and Billig, M. (2004b). Dilemmi di narrazione e identita. In M. V. Masoni and B. Vezzani, Eds., Le Relazione Educativa. Milan, Italy: FrancoAngeli.

Stanley, S. (2004). Review of Critical Social Psychology: An Introduction (Gough and McFadden, 2001, Palgrave). Discourse & Society, 15 (1), 132 — 133.

Stanley, S. (2001a). Disembodiment is a cyberspace myth: discourse and the self in real space. Cyberpsychology & Behavior, 4 (1), 77 — 93.

Stanley, S. (2001b). Discursive cyberpsychology: rhetoric, repression and the loneliness of talking the internet. In G. Riva and C. Galimberti, Eds., Towards CyberPsychology: Mind, Cognition and Society in the Internet Age. Oxford: IOS Press, pp. 95 - 108.