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Research Profile

Dr Kathryn Morgan Sharp 


Journal Papers

Sharp, K.M. & Gathercole, V.C.M. (2013). Can a novel word repetition task be a language-neutral assessment tool? Evidence from Welsh-English bilingual children, Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 29 (1), 77-89. Sage Publications: London.


K. Sharp, V. C. Mueller Gathercole, E.M.Thomas, & H. Stadthaghen Gonzalez -  “Morpho-Syntactic Complexity, Exposure, and Semantic Underpinnings in the Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Welsh” 8th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB-8) Oslo, Norway (June 15–18, 2011)

K. Sharp - “The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle: Acquisition of Gender in Welsh”, 6th Celtic Linguistics Conference - University College Dublin, September 10-12, 2010

K. Sharp – “Children's productions of Welsh phones: implications for gender marking in Welsh”, First Bangor Postgraduate Conference on Bilingualism and Bimodalism, Bangor, Oct 3-4 2009