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Research Profile

Dr Jane Salisbury  

Recent Publications

Edited Books

2000 Gender Equality and Educational change :shifting agendas in the UK and Europe. London: Routledge   ( with S.Riddell).

1995 Qualitative Studies in Education; Avebury Press. (with S. Delamont)

2013 ( in press)  Academic working lives :Experience Practice and Change. London: Bloomsbury Academic.  ( with  L Gornall, L Daunton, C Cook & B Thomas)


Chapters in books

2013  (in press) Emotional Labour and  ethics of care in FE teachers’ work. In Gornall, L. cook, C., Daunton, L., Salisbury,  J and Thomas, B. (eds).  Academic working lives : Experience Practice and Change. London: Bloomsbury Academic

2013 ( in press)  The Power of voice in documenting and recording HE change.  In Gornall, L.  et al  (eds).  Academic working lives  : Experience Practice and Change. London: Bloomsbury Academic.     ( with L. Gornall )

2013 ( in press) Starting the day Afresh: Hidden work and discourse in contemporary Academic practice.  In Gornall, L.  et al  (eds).  Academic working lives :Experience Practice and Change. London: Bloomsbury Academic. ( with Gornall,  Daunton, Cook & Thomas)

2013 (in press)  Introduction: Transitions, Identity and Routinised Work in Academic Life.  In Gornall et al. ibid.

2012Vocational Education and Training: sites for qualitative study.  In S. Delamont ( Ed)  Handbook of Qualitative Research in Education. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar publications.pp 143-157.

Journal Articles

2012 Compulsive working, “hyperprofessionality” and the unseen pleasures of academic work.  Higher Education Quarterly . Vol. 66, No 2 pp135-154     ( with L. Gornall )

2010 Mucking in and mucking out: Vocational learning in Animal care.Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol.26 no.1 pp71- 81 (with M. Jephcote)

2009 “Learning and working in FE in Wales,” Welsh Journal of Education  Vol.14 no.2 pp18-28 – (with M. Jephcote )

2009 ‘Further Education Teachers’ Accounts of their Professional Identities,. Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 25 no.7 pp 966-972 (with M. Jephcote)

2009 Building research capacity in Education: evidence from recent initiatives in England, Scotland and Wales. International Journal for Researcher Development. Vol 1, No 2 pp20 -41 ( with Fowler,  Z. L., Baird, A., Baron, S.,  Davies, S.M.B ; Procter, R.)

2009 ‘The Learning Journey: Students' Experiences of Further Education in Wales’, Contemporary Wales, Vol. 23pp 141-57.(with M. Jephcote & G Rees)

2009 “Time among the people is where meaning is found”: Narratives of occupational change in FE and HE in post devolution Wales.   Welsh Journal of Education . Vol.14 no 2  pp97-103 (with C.Cook, L.Gornall, L.Daunton & B Thomas)

2009 “Building educational research capacity through inter-institutional collaboration: An evaluation of the first year of the Welsh Education Research Network, Welsh Journal of Education . Vol.14 no 2  pp,.78-96 (with S.M.B  Davies)

2009 “FE teachers talking about Learning”. Research Papers in Education. Vol.24 no.4.pp421-438   (with M. Jephcote and J. Roberts)

2008 “Close encounters of an FE kind”. Research in Post Compulsory education 2. pp149-162   (with M.Jephcote)

2008 The Teachers’ lot. Adults learning. NIACE. September 2008. (with M.Jephcote)

2008 Being a  Further Education teacher in changing times.  Research in Post  Compulsory education 13 no 2. pp163-172 (with M. Jephcote and G.Rees)

2008 The Welsh Education Research Network. Building research capacity: The Journal of the     ESRC TLRP. Cardiff University, July 2008, Issue no 14. pp1-4 9with S.M.B Davies)