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Research Profile

Prof Sally Power 

    • (2012) WISERDEDUCATION. (with Taylor & Rees) Funded by HEFCW. £930,903.

    • (2011) Evaluation of Foundation Phase. (with Taylor et al) Funded by Welsh Government. £990,000.
    • (2011) NESET – Network of Experts on Social Aspects of Education and Training. Funded by EC. £220,000 pa up to 4 years.
    • (2010-2011) The War for Talent: education and elite recruitment. Funded by ESRC, £54,000.
    • (2009) LINK-Wales: The Learning in Wales Network review of research activity within local authorities, ESRC/HEFCW.
    • (2008) Experiences of being an assisted place holder, The Sutton Trust
    • (2008-) Global elites? Brain Drain, Brain Circulation and the War for Talent. Funded by ESRC.
    • (2007-2008) Provision of outdoor education centres. Funded by DCSF (with CRG).
    • (2006) The destinations of Assisted Place Holders. Funded by the Sutton Trust.
    • (2006-2007) Provision and Participation in Out of School Leaning Activities. Funded by the Field Studies Council.
    • (2004) Success Sustained? A follow-up of the ‘Destined for Success’ cohort. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.
    • (2000-2003) ‘Evaluating the New Community Schools Initiative in Scotland. Funded by the Scottish Executive.
    • (2000-2004) Literature and data review on mainstream public sector education services in deprived and non-deprived areas: Evidence on the quality of delivery, performance and impact. Funded by the Cabinet Office.
    • (1999-2003) Paving the ‘Third Way’? A policy trajectory analysis of education action zones. Funded by Economic and Social Research Council.