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Research Profile

Prof Simon Murphy 

Career Profile

I am a Professor in Public Health Improvement and Cardiff Co-Director for DECIPHer, one of the 5 UKCRC funded centres of public health research excellence, where I also jointly lead a research programme focussing on Schools and other youth settings.

Awards and Prizes

Recent Research Grants

  • Moore S, Sivarajasingam V, Playle R, Shepherd J, Moore L, Murphy S, Hood K  and Spasic I Randomised controlled trial of All-Wales licensed premises intervention to reduce alcohol-related violence NIHR 1/4/12 – 30.9.14  £652,159
  • Moore L, Murphy S, Hood K, Robling M, Simpson S. £742,332 Public Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN) RRG 2009. National Assembly for Wales – WORD 1.04.10 to 31.3.2015
  • Bonell C, Harden A, Thomas J, Petticrew M, Whitehead M, Campbell R, Moore L, Murphy S, Fletcher A, Hamilton V, Shemilt I. £182,641 The effects of schools and school-environment interventions on health: evidence mapping and syntheses. National Institute for Health Research. 01.04.2010 to 31.10.2011
  • Murphy S - £23,610  Alcohol and social norm intervention development  (academic supervision of Welsh Government initiative), Alcohol Education Research Council, 01.01.2011 – 3009.2012
  • Murphy S, Moore G and Moore L - £82,481 Pilot study of alcohol policy and social norms in Welsh Universities, Alcohol Research UK,  11.4.11 – 31.7.12
  • Segrott J, Simon Murphy, Laurence Moore, and Philip Daniels £188,230 Preventing alcohol misuse in young people. An exploratory trial of the Kids, Adults Together (KAT) Programme NHS NIHR 1.7.11 – 31.8.12.
  • Chestnutt I, Hood K, Nuttall J, Playle R, Chadwick B , Morgan M, Hunter L, Murphy S - £997,225. Seal or Varnish? A randomised trial to determine the relative cost and effectiveness of pit and fissure sealants and fluoride varnish in preventing dental decay. HTA, Sept 2009 to Aug 2012
  • Scourfield J & Murphy S - £56,805 Do mental health promotion initiatives accommodate hetrogeneous needs?  A process evaluation of the student assistance programme.  National Assembly for Wales - WORD 1.01.10 to 15.01.13
  • Williams G & Murphy S - £59,056  An investigation of take up of free school meal entitlement in secondary schools: barriers and facilitators. National Assembly for Wales – WORD 1.10.09 to 30.09.12.
  • National Prevention Research Initiative. Preventing substance misuse: Randomised controlled trial of the strengthening families 10-14 UK programme. (Moore L, Segrott, Foxcroft D, Murphy S, Phillips C). £2,144,955. (2009-2014)
  • Welsh Assembly Government. Primary prevention of cancer: research capacity for the development and evaluation of interventions. (Moore L, Murphy S, Elwyn G). £232,725. (2009-2012)
  • UK Clinical Research Collaboration. Centre for the development and evaluation of complex interventions for public health improvement. (Moore L, Campbell R, Lyons R, Murphy S, Butler C, Elwyn G, Gunnell D, Hickman M, Donovan J). £5,000,000. (2008-2013)
  • National Prevention Research Initiative. The Primary School Free Breakfast Initiative: Data Augmentation and Analysis. (Moore L, Murphy S, Tapper K, Lyons R, Benton D). £265, 000. (2008- 2010)
  • Medical Research Council. A feasibility study of a licensed premise intervention to reduce alcohol misuse and violent injury. (Moore S, Murphy S, Moore L, Shepherd J). £331,891. (2008-2010)
  • Welsh Assembly Government. Evaluation of the Cooking Bus in Wales. (Moore L, Segrott J, Murphy S, Phillips C). £78,125. (2008-2009)
  • Alcohol Education and Research Council. The role of parents in preventing alcohol misuse: An evaluation of the Kids, Adults Together Family Forum programme (KATFF). (Segrott J, Moore L, Murphy S, Rothwell H). £59,101. (2007-2009).Welsh Assembly Government. Evaluation of Welsh network of healthy schools schemes (Moore L. PI, with2 other co-investigators). £149,220. (2007-2008).
  • Welsh Assembly Government. Developing Health Challenge Newport as a resource for rigorous evaluation of community based health initiatives.(Moore L. PI, with Murphy S and 2 other co-investigators).£88,596. (2007-2008).
  • Department of Health and NHS R&D, and the Wales Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care (WORD).  Families, households and health improvement: Exploring roles and responsibilities (co PI with Williams G, MacDonald S). £214,035. (2006-2010).
  • Medical Research Council. Social network analysis of the dynamic relationship between adolescent smoking behaviour and peer influence. (Moore L. PI, with Murphy S and 2 other co-investigators).£316,629. (2006-2009).
  • Welsh Assembly Government. Research into the impact of smoke-free legislation in Wales. (Moore L. PI, with Murphy S and 2 other co-investigators). £353,880. (2006-2009).                              
  • Welsh Assembly Government. Evaluation of National Exercise Referral Scheme. (PI with Moore L). £304,313. (2006-2009).                                                              
  • Cancer Research UK. Smoking uptake in adolescence: a longitudinal investigation of peer influence and peer selection. (Moore L. PI, with Murphy S and 1 other co-investigator). £49,268. (2006).
  • Welsh Assembly Government. Evaluation of Health Challenge Wales. (PI with Francis S, Elliott E, Williams G). £85,000. (2005).
  • Wales Office of Research & Development in Health and Social Care. Public Health Improvement Research Network. (Moore L. PI, with Murphy S and 2 other co-investigators). £360,000. (2005-2008).
  • Welsh Assembly Government Health Promotion Division.Cluster randomised controlled trial of free breakfast initiative. (PIwith Moore L, Tapper K). £485,000. (2004-2007).
  • Department of Health. An evaluation of an education and support programme to promote routine antenatal screening for domestic violence. (Price S. PI, with Murphy S and 1 other co-investigator). £43,000. (2003-2004).