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Research Profile

Mr John Parnell 

Recent Publications

Parnell.J.D & Koenraad. A.L.M (2005) Pronett - Networking Education and Teacher Training. In The Challenge to Teacher Education, Eds. Mohamed. C and Svensson. A. K., Encell and Jönköping University Press. School of Education and Communication, University of Jönköping. Sweden.

Parnell.J.D & Koenraad. A.L.M (2004)The use of an open source web portal to promote ICT and web based collaboration in teacher training and education. The Minerva Project 'Pronett'. ICT in Education and Professional Development of Teachers. ICLON Graduate School of Education, Leiden University. Netherlands

Koenraad, A.L.M., Parnell, J. D., Quintana-Trias, L., Anderton, B. (2003) Support for teachers and Trainees in Promoting ICT with Web Learning Technologies: from 'learn to use' to 'to use to learn.' Pronett Project Document. Minerva. Brussels.

Parnell.J.D. (2003) Pronett Portal Manual. Pronett. Minerva. Brussels

Parnell. J. D. & Koenraad, A.L.M. (2003) Supporting a demand driven, practice based approach to ICT-E competencies development of educators: a pilot implementation of the PRONETT portal.

Parnell.J.D. (2003) Portal Specifications and software.Version 2. Fourth edition. Pronett. Minerva. Socrates. Brussels

The Pronett Portal.(2002) Software Vers.1.0 . Minerva. Socrates.

Parnell. J. D. (1999) ‘A Manikin Without Clothes' in Integrating Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education. Ed. A Eurelings and R Lewis et al. Kluwer. Deventer. ISBN 90 268 320 60