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Research Profile

Dr Alison Parken 


Parken, A. (2010) ‘A multi-strand approach to promoting equality and human rights in policymaking’, Policy and Politics, Vol. 38, (1), pp.79-99, Bristol: The Policy Press

Parken, A. (2010) ‘Mainstreaming Across the Equality Dimensions: Policy on sexual orientation in Wales’ in N. Charles and C. Davies (eds.) Gender and Social Justice Post Devolution, Cardiff: University of Wales Press

Parken, A. and Rees, T. (2011) ‘Economic renewal and the gendered knowledge economy in Wales’, Contemporary Wales, Vol.24, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Policy/Research Reports

Parken, A. (2011) A review of Higher Education collaborations across Wales; Context and Current Picture, Research Report for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, London: LFHE.

Parken, A. (2010) ‘Gender, Knowledge Dynamics and Regional Policy’ in Halkier, H., Manniche, J., Dahlstrom, M., and Smid-Olsen, L. (eds.) Knowledge Dynamics, Regional Development and Public Policy, Denmark: University of Aalborg Press, Published on behalf of the EURODITE project sponsored by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union (Contract no. 006187).  ISBN 978-87-92305-04-6 pp.127

Parken, A. (2010) Gender Mainstreaming: Using intersectional methodologies, Background Paper for the European Commission’s European Institute for Gender Equality, Vilnius: EIGE. pp. 44

Parken, A. (2010) Gender Mainstreaming: Syntheses of gender data from Eurodite partner’s research reports, EURODITE: Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy: A Dynamic model, Contract no. 006187, pp. 62

Parken, A. and Baumgardt, A. (2010) Report and Recommendations for Welsh Specific Equality Duties, Research report for Welsh Assembly Government pp. 39

Parken, A., Rees, T. and Baumgardt, A. (2009) Options for an equal pay duty in Wales, Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government pp. 36

Parken, A. (2009) Gender and the Knowledge Economy in Wales, Case study for Eurodite WP2 (f), EURODITE: Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy: A Dynamic model, Project no: 006187, pp.22

Parken, A. and Baumgardt A. (2008) The Business Benefits of Equal Pay: Local Authority Case Study, Cardiff: Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales pp. 48

Parken, A., and Young, H. (2007) Integrating the promotion of equality and human rights, research commissioned by Welsh Assembly Government and Department for Communities and Local Government, pp. 88

Parken, A. (2004) Research into lesbians’ experience of pregnancy and work, Equal Opportunities Commission, Pregnancy: General Formal Investigation, Cardiff: EOC Wales

Contributions to Research Reports

Davies, R., Drinkwater, S., Joll, C., Jones, M., Lloyd-Williams, H., Makepeace, G., Parhi, M., Parken, A., Robinson, C., Taylor, C., and Wass, V. (2011)  An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in Wales, A report prepared on behalf of the Wales Equality and Human Rights Commission, Cardiff: EHRC pp. 215

Fairbrother, P., Kruse, W., Stringfellow, E., Stroud, D., Tech, D., Winterton, J., with contributions from Cam, S. & Parken, A. (2007), Equality and Diversity Learning in the European Steel Industry: A Report for LEONARDO DA VINCI Community Vocational Training Action Programme Second phase: 2000-2006, Regeneration Institute, Cardiff University ISBN 978-1-904815-70-9. pp. 129

Fairbrother, P., Davies, S., Hammer, N., Jephcote, M., Parken, A., and Stroud, D. (2004) Equal Opportunities And Diversity Changing Employment Patterns In The European Electricity Industry: A Report For EPSU, EMCEF and EURELECTRIC, Volume One – Main Report, Submitted, January 2005, GPE - Cardiff School of Social Sciences/Global Political Economy, Cardiff University, pp. 107

Rees, T., and Parken, A. (2003) Mainstreaming Equality… Some things you need to know but were afraid to ask… Cardiff: EOC Wales, pp.18

Rees, T., and Parken, A. (1999) Project Mosaic: Innovative Research Towards Mainstreaming Equality, A European Commission:  Leonardo da Vinci Surveys and Analysis Project (DGXX11) pp. 187