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Research Profile

Prof Joanna Latimer 

    • ESRC, New Dynamics of Ageing Programme. June 2009 – 2012.  (£300K )
      Ageing and Biology with M. Bagley (PI, Chemistry), D. Kipling & T. Davies (Medicine). An interdisciplinary collaboration between biogerontologists, chemists and social scientists at Cardiff University. The social science element of this work is scoping the science of ageing across the UK and the US, including expert interviews and site visits. Funding for this has been extended by the ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics and the Cardiff University International Travel Fund – including networking with The European Network of Ageing Studies (ENAS), the Institute of Ageing, University of California, San Francisco and the Social Justice Group at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


    • The Cardiff University Ageing, Science and Older People Network (CASciOPE)
      (Chair with David Kipling, Medicine). This network supports the University’s strategic priority for interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement, and builds on Cardiff’s established international reputation for work across the humanities, neuropsychology, social geography, public health, medicine, genetics, health studies, the biosciences and social sciences. The network involves 15 schools and includes research groups and centres , such as CITER, & ARC.  CASCIOPE’s official launch funded by the University Research Committee Events Fund took place on 30th September 2010 at a multi-disciplinary event organized in Celebration of the UN’s Older People’s Day, including a poster exhibition to showcase research on ageing at Cardiff in which 15 Schools participated and the reading of a commissioned poem by the National Poet for Wales, Gillian Clarke.


    • ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics 
      Ageing, biomedicine, older people and care. Work here includes the development of interdisciplinary collaborations over grant applications around bioscience, medicine, and ageing, and includes generating understandings of the relationship between human and non-human animals in scientific research and thinking. : I am the lead in building a portfolio of research around ageing and older people including with colleagues in the ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics.  It includes projects funded by the ESRC, the New Dynamics of Ageing program and the Wellcome Trust as follows:
    • epoch 
      ePoch: A festival of Ageing - CESAGen Research Development Grant (£2K) A multi-disciplinary, intergenerational public engagement arts, science and discourses festival. Partners: Age Cymru, the Welsh National Opera and the Sherman Youth Theatre. The project draws together local and international biomedical scientists, ethicists and philosophers, and the public with creative writers and performers, in the development of exhibitions, debates and artistic performances celebrating and interrogating ageing and anti-ageing in the 21st Century.   We are now in partnership with Age Cymru, and the Sherman Youth theatre in preparation of a grant application to the Wellcome Trusts Arts Grants, for the Festival of Ageing to take place in 2013.
    • Remodelling Ageing: human and non-human animals and changing theories of ageing in biogerontology   
      For submission to Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Strategic Grants. 
      Team: Joanna Latimer, (PI) Jamie Lewis, Neil Stephenson, and David Kipling (Medicine) . The proposed project brings together the social and anthropological study of science and technology with biomedical and life sciences.  It offers a seminal study of the evolving science of ageing, or biogerontology.  Biogerontology argues that new understandings of, and treatments for, the problems of ageing can help us meet the global challenge of increased life expectancy.
    • Ageing Over Time 
      – a comparison of popular scientific and fictive representations of ageing and reproduction from the 19th to the 21st Century. 
      Team: Joan Haran (PI), with Joanna Latimer, and David Kipling (Medicine) 
      For Submission to the Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities University Awards Scheme.


    • Human/Nonhuman Relationalities
      House of Beasts. Symposium and Exibition, Darwin Festival, Shropshire Wild life Trust, The Old Infirmary, Shrewsbury Abbey. 18-19 February, 2012 (£2K) 
      The symposium explores the cultural, philosophical and ethical significance of human animal relations as portrayed in the exhibition, House of Beasts.  The event involves collaboration between Cardiff University (CPlan, Institute of Sustainable Places, CESAGEN), The Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Meadow Arts, and The National Trust at Attingham Park.



    • Postdoctoral Funding
    • 2010 – 2013 Wellcome Trust Bioethics Fellowship – Alexandra Hillman Ethics in practice: An ethnographic study of decision-making and their implications in dementia care (Supervisors – Bayer/Chadwick/Hedgecoe/Latimer). 2010-2013.
      2010 – 2013 Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship Dr Rachel Hurdley. Rethinking openness, space and organisations.