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Research Profile

Prof Martin Innes 

Key Publications

Select Key Publications


Innes, M. (2003) Investigating Murder: Detective Work and the Police Response to
Criminal Homicide. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Innes, M. (2003) Understanding Social Control: Deviance, Crime and Social
Order. Buckingham: Open University Press.
(Reprinted in Chinese, 2008)

Articles in Refereed Journals

I have published over 50 scholarly articles, reports and chapters. Key publications are:

Lowe, T. and M. Innes (2012) “Can we speak in confidence? Community intelligence and neighbourhood policing v2.0”, Policing and Society 22/3: 295-316.

Innes, M. (2011) “Doing less with more: The New Politics of Policing’, Public Policy Research, June-August: 73-.

Innes, M. (2010) “Criminal legacies: Community impact assessments and defining success and harm in police homicide investigations”, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 26/4: 367-381.

Innes, M. (2010) “A mirror and a motor: Researching and reforming policing in an age of austerity”, Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 4/2: 127-34.

Innes, M. (2010) Book review of R. Leo, 2009, Police Interrogation and American Justice, American Journal of Sociology, 116/2: 674-75.

Innes, M. and A. Clarke (2009) “Policing the past: cold case studies, forensic evidence and retroactive social control” British Journal of Sociology, 60/3: 543- 563.

Roberts, C. and M. Innes (2009) “The ‘Death’ of Dixon? Policing gun crime and the end of the generalist police constable in England and Wales’, Criminology and Criminal Justice, 9/3: 337-57.

Innes, M., L. Abbott, T. Lowe and C. Roberts (2008) “Seeing like a citizen: field experiments in community intelligence-led policing’, Police Practice and Research, 10/2: 99-114.
Reprinted in P. Grabosky (ed.) (2009) Community Policing and Peacekeeping. Boca Raton, Fl.: CRC Press

Innes, M. (2007) “The reassurance function”, Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice.

Innes, M. (2006) “Policing uncertainty: countering terror through community intelligence and democratic policing”, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (605) pp.222-41.

Innes, M. (2005) “What’s your problem: signal crimes and citizen-focused problem- solving” (Reaction Essay), Criminology and Public Policy (4/2) pp. 187 – 200.

Innes, M. N. Fielding and N. Cope (2005) “The appliance of science: the theory and practice of crime intelligence analysis”, British Journal of Criminology. (45/1) pp.39-57.
Reprinted in Prior, L. (2011) (ed.) Using Documents and Records in Social Research. London: Sage.

Innes, M. (2004) “Signal crimes and signal disorders: notes on deviance as communicative action”, British Journal of Sociology. (55/3) pp. 335-55.
Reprinted in Moss, K. (2008) (ed. 4 volumes) Crime Reduction: Critical Concepts in Criminology, The Major Works. London: Routledge.

Innes, M. and J. Sheptycki (2004) “From detection to disruption: some consequences of intelligence-led crime control in the UK”, International Criminal Justice Review (14) pp. 1-14.

Innes, M. (2004) “Reinventing tradition? Reassurance, Neighbourhood Security and Policing”, Criminal Justice. (4/2) pp.151-71.

Innes, M. (2002) “Organizational communication and the symbolic construction of police murder investigations”, British Journal of Sociology. (53/1) pp. 67-87.

Innes, M. (2002) “The process structures of police homicide investigations”, The British Journal of Criminology (42/4) pp. 669-88.

Innes, M. (1999)“The media as an investigative resource in murder enquiries.” The British Journal of Criminology (39/2) pp. 268 – 286.

Book Chapters

Innes, M. and M. Levi (2012) ‘Terrorism and counter-terrorism’, in M. Maguire, R. Morgan and R. Reiner (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (5th edn.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Innes, M. (2010) ‘The art, craft and science of policing’, in B. Kritzer and P. Cane (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Innes, M. and D. Thiel (2008) ‘Policing terror’, in T. Newburn (ed.) The Handbook of Policing (2nd edn.). Cullompton: Willan

Innes, M. and C. Roberts (2008) ‘Reassurance policing, community intelligence and the co-production of neighbourhood order’ in T. Williamson (ed.) The Handbook of Knowledge Based Policing. Chichester: Wiley

Ditton, J. and M. Innes (2005) “Perceptual intervention and its role in the management of crime fear” in N. Tilley (ed.) The Handbook of Crime Prevention. Cullompton: Willan

Reports & Journalism

Innes, M. (2012) ‘Policing failure’, prospect Magazine, (Available here)

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Corrupt and Confused’, Prospect Magazine, 186 (September).

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Phone Hacking: Don’t Politicise the Police’, The Guardian (19/07/11) p.28.

Innes, M., C. Roberts and H. Innes, with T. Lowe and S. Lakhani (2010) Assessing the Effects of Prevent Policing. London: ACPO.

Innes, M. and N. Weston (2010) Re-thinking the Policing of Anti-Social Behaviour. London: Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.

Innes, M. (2010) Thinking Big: Policing in the Big Society. Police Review. pp. 24-27 (12/11/10)

Innes, M. (2010) Bad Behaviour: Policing Anti-social Behaviour, Police Review pp. 16-17. (01/10/10)

Weston, N. and M. Innes (2010) The Business Policing Model: Concept, Delivery and Benefits. London: City of London Police / London First.

Cooper, H. and M. Innes (2009) The Causes and Consequences of Community Cohesion in Wales. Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government.

Innes, M., L. Abbott, T. Lowe and C. Roberts (2008) Signal Events, Neighbourhood Security, Order and Reassurance in Cardiff. Cardiff: Cardiff University.

Innes, M., L. Abbott, T. Lowe and C.Roberts (2007) Hearts and Minds and Eyes and Ears: Reducing Radicalisation Risks Through Reassurance-Oriented Policing. London: ACPO

Innes, M. & V. Jones (2006) Neighbourhood Security and Urban Change. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Innes, M., S. Hayden, T. Lowe & C. Roberts (2005) Signal Crimes and Reassurance Policing Volume 3. Guildford: University of Surrey.

Innes, M., C. Roberts and S. Maltby (2005) Community Intelligence: A Report to the National Community Tensions Team. London: ACPO.

Innes, M., S. Hayden, T. Lowe, H. Mackenzie, C. Roberts & L. Twyman (2004) Signal Crimes and Reassurance Policing Volumes 1 and 2. Guildford: University of Surrey.

Keynote and Invited Lectures

I have delivered over 100 conference papers and talks to various practitioner and academic meetings in the UK and internationally. Below are listed the more significant lectures I have given:

Innes, M. and T. Brain (2012) ‘PCC World’, Cardiff University National Assembly Briefing, Cardiff (July)

Innes, M. (2012) ‘Doing less with more: Professors, Profession and Policing’, ACPO Summer Conference, Manchester (May)

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Doing Less With More: Policing in an Age of Austerity’, Victoria Police HQ, Melbourne Australia (August)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘The Long Shadow of 9/11: Assessing UK Counter-Terrorism Policing between 2001-2011’, Australian Federal Police HQ and Australian National University, Canberra (July)*
Innes, M. (2011) ‘Assessing the Effects of Prevent Policing’, Prevent BCU Commanders Conference, Leeds. (July)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Policing Change and Changing Policing’ University of Stirling, ESRC Seminar Series on Professional Education (June)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Neighbourhood Policing v.2.0’, Stockholm Criminology Symposium (June)

Innes, M. (2011) ‘The Conceptual and Institutional Architecture of Neighbourhood Policing’, Le Funzioni Di Prevenzione E Controllo Della Polizio Locale, Universita degli Studi Roma Tre (June)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Policing in the Big Society’, Policy Exchange, London. (March)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Community Engagement and Assessing the Effects of Prevent Policing’, ACPO Prevent International Conference, Ashford (March)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘The New Politics of Policing (or Down and Out in the Big Society)’, Manchester University Criminology Seminar (March)

Innes, M. (2011) ‘Doing Less With More? The New Politics and Economics of Policing’, Scottish Police College (February)*

Innes, M. (2011) ‘The Social Harm of Anti-Social Behaviour’, Home Office ‘8 Force Pilot Conference’, West Mercia Police HQ (January)*

Innes, M. (2010) ‘The Signal Crimes Perspective’, Signal Crimes in the Netherlands (specially convened seminar) National Association of the Municipalities (VNG), The Hague (October)*

Innes, M. (2010) ‘Paying the Bill: Delivering Policing in the 21st Century’, Scottish Institute for Policing Research Annual Conference, Dundee (September)*

Innes, M. (2010) ‘Smaller, smarter, sharper: delivering policing in the 21st Century’, Higher Education in Policing Conference, University of Central Lancashire, (September)*

Innes, M. (2010) ‘Anti-social Behaviour in Wales’, Briefing to the Welsh Assembly Government (July)

Innes, M (2010) Royal Society of Arts Expert seminar on ‘Co-production and anti-social behaviour’ (May)

Innes, M. (2010) Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, Expert Seminar on criminal justice reform (March)

Innes, M. (2010) Commentator on Ian Blair’s ‘Policing Controversy’, Oxford University seminar (March)

Innes, M. (2009) ‘Criminal legacies and community impact assessments in police murder investigations’, Australian National University (December)

Innes, M. (2008) ‘Confidence Tricks’, Public Confidence in the Criminal Justice System, Newcastle University (November)*

Innes, M. (2008) ‘A Mirror and A Motor” The Universities’ Police Science Institute in Wales, Nexus Policing Conference, Melbourne* (July)

Innes, M. (2008) ‘Before and after gun violence’, Guns, Crime and Social Order Workshop, York University, Canada.

Innes, M. (2008) ‘Building a Situational Model of Radicalisation: Theory and Evidence’, The Security Service, Thames House, London (January)

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Seeing like a citizen: intelligence and engagement in community policing’, Community Policing in Three Dimensions, Australian National University, Canberra (December)*

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Toward an evidence-based ‘prevent’ strategy’,  ACPO Autumn Conference (October)*

Innes, M. (2007) ‘The Reassurance Function’, Office for the Solicitor General of Alberta, Banff, Canada (October)*

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Neighbourhood sentinels, community intelligence and signal crimes’ 5th National Crime Mapping Conference, London (May)*

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Neighbourhood sentinels, signal crimes and engaging communities’, Specially convened conference on signal crimes, Policing Board of Northern Ireland, Belfast (March)*

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Signal crimes and reassurance policing’, Belgium Police Foundation / Police Academy of the Netherlands, Eindhoven (March)*

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Decoding incivilities and insecurities: A signal crimes perspective’  Public Seminar, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge (February)

Innes, M. (2007) ‘Signal crimes and Reassurance Policing’, Dutch Ministry of the Interior/Police Academy of the Netherlands (January)

*indicates keynote address.