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Research Profile

Prof Ian Rees Jones 

Selected Publications


Higgs P, Jones IR, 2009, Medical Sociology and Old Age: Towards a sociology of health in later life (Routledge, London)

Jones IR, Higgs P, Ekerdt DJ, 2009, Consumption and Generational Change, The rise of consumer lifestyles ( Transaction Publishers, New Jersey)

Jones IR, Hyde M, Victor C, Wiggins R, Gilleard C, Higgs P, 2008, Ageing in a consumer society: From passive to active consumption in Britain (Polity Press, Bristol)


Gabe J, Exworthy M, Smith G, Jones IR, ‘Towards a Sociology of Disclosure: the case of surgical performance’ Sociology Compass (Forthcoming)

Burns T, Catty J, Harvey K, Jones IR, McLaren S, Wykes T, 2012, ‘Continuity of care for carers of people with severe mental illness: Results of a longitudinal study’ Int J Soc Psychiatry First published on August 17, 2012.

Moffatt S, Higgs P, Rummery K, Jones IR, 2012, ‘Choice, consumerism and devolution: growing old in the welfare state(s) of Scotland, Wales and England’ Ageing & Society 32(5) pp 725-746

Jones IR, Papacosta O, Wannamethee G, Whincup P, Morris R, 2011, ‘Class and Lifestyle ‘lock in’ among middle aged and older men: A Multiple Correspondence Analysis of the British Regional Heart Study’ Sociology of Health and Illness 33(3) pp 399-419

Exworthy M, Smith G, Gabe J, Jones IR, 2010, ‘Disclosing clinical performance: the case of cardiac surgery’ Journal of Health, Organization and Management 24(6) pp 571-583

Jones IR, Higgs PF, 2010, ‘The natural, the normal and the normative: Contested terrains in ageing and old age' Social Science and Medicine 71(8) pp 1513-1519

Jones IR, Leontowitsch M, Higgs P, 2010, ‘The experience of retirement in second modernity: generational habitus among retired senior managers’ Sociology 44(1) pp 102-120

Leontowitsch M, Higgs P, Stevenson F, Jones IR, 2010, ‘Taking care of yourself in later life: A qualitative study into the use of non-prescription medicines by people aged 60+’ Health 14(2) pp 213-231

Jones IR, Ahmed N, Catty J, McLaren S, Rose D, Wykes T, Burns T, 2009, ‘Illness careers and continuity of care in mental health services: A qualitative study of service users and carers’ Social Science and Medicine 69(4) pp 632-639

Higgs PF. Hyde M, Gilleard CJ, Victor CR, Wiggins RD, Jones IR, 2009, ‘From passive to active consumers? Later life consumption in the UK from 1968-2005′ Sociological Review 57(1) pp 102-124

Higgs P, Leontowitsch M, Stevenson F, Jones IR, 2009, ‘Not just old and sick – the ‘will to health’ in later life’ Ageing & Society 29 pp 687–707

Ahmed N, Jones IR, 2008, ‘Habitus and Bureaucratic Routines, Cultural and Structural Factors in the Experience of Informal Care’ Current Sociology 56(1) pp 57-76

Jones IR, Ahmed N, Kelly M, Bothamley G, Rajakulasingam R, Victor C, O’Malley A, Griffiths C, 2008, ‘With an attack I associate it more with going into hospital: Understandings of asthma and psychosocial stressors; are they related to use of services?’ Social Science and Medicine 66 pp 765-775

Book Chapters

Jones IR, 2011, ‘Correspondence Analysis: a case for methodological pluralism?’ in Sage Handbook of Methodological Innovation Eds M Williams, P Vogt (Sage Thousand Oaks, California)

Jones IR, Higgs P, Ekerdt DJ, 2009, ‘Consumption and Generational Change: The Rise of Consumer Lifestyles’ in Consumption and Generational Change, The rise of consumer lifestyles Eds R Jones, P Higgs, DJ Ekerdt (Transaction Publishers, New Jersey)

Hyde M, Higgs P, Gilleard C, Victor C, Wiggins D, Jones IR, 2009, ‘Ageing, Cohorts, and Consumption: The British Experience 1968-2005′ in Consumption and Generational Change, The rise of consumer lifestyles Eds R Jones, P Higgs, DJ Ekerdt (Transaction Publishers, New Jersey)