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Research Profile

Prof Tom Horlick-Jones 

Dr Tom Horlick-Jones
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+44 (0) 29 208 75004
Fax:+44 (0) 29 208 74175
contact info:

Address:1.22 Glamorgan Building

Research Interests

Tom Horlick-Jones’ research work is centrally concerned with re-thinking the sociology of risk in terms of practical reasoning, language, knowledge and social interaction.  This work draws on his practical experience as a policy analyst and consultant. It also draws on an approach to sociology which is influenced by phenomenology, ethnomethodology and interactionism (especially Goffman), and by the work of philosophers like Ryle and Wittgenstein.

In methodological terms, his research is primarily qualitative in nature, drawing on ethnography, action research, group-based methods, and various discourse-analytic techniques. His recent work contains a number of recurrent themes:

  • Risk, knowledge and practical reasoning
  • The governance and communication of risk, and risk-related practices in government, regulatory and business organisations
  • The roles of reasoning, knowledge and talk in the accomplishment of professional practice
  • Assumptions about human behaviour in policy-making
  • Stakeholder engagement, deliberative dialogue, problem structuring and decision-making processes
  • The experience of serious illness, and the phenomenology of symptoms and bodily awareness

New Edited Collection on Risk Communication

Catalan Journal of Communications and Cultural Studies

This collection of papers, edited by Tom and Jordi Farré, provides a cross-disciplinary dialogue on the nature of risk communication in the contemporary world. The contributors, drawn from sociology, communication studies, and risk studies, include a number of leading international scholars. This special issue of the newly-established Catalan Journal of Communications and Cultural Studies comprises papers by Tom Horlick-Jones & Jordi Farré; David Altheide; Graham Murdock; Ortwin Renn; Michael Stauffacher & Corinne Moser; Marc Poumadere & Raquel Bertoldo; Josep Espluga, Ana Prades & Jan Gonzolo; Stijn Joye; Bill Kinsella; and Marta González.

Recent Talks

Tom often speaks about his work at international conferences and other events. Here you can watch videos of two of his recent talks.

A studio interview about his work, concluded prior to his visiting professorial lecture at the Rovira I Virgili University, Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain, in January 2011.

Invited contribution to the Centre Nationale de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) conference on communication challenges facing chemistry, held in Paris in February 2011. ‘After all these years: reflections on a decade of risk perception and risk communication research and practice’.