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Research Profile

Prof Adam Hedgecoe 

Selected Publications


Hedgecoe A (2004) The Politics of Personalised Medicine – Pharmacogenetics in the Clinic Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Hedgecoe A. (2012) Trust and regulatory organizations: the role of Local Knowledge and Facework in Research Ethics Review, Social Studies of Science, 42(5): 662-683.

Hedgecoe A. (2010) Bioethics and the Reinforcement of Socio-technical Expectations, Social Studies of Science, 40(2): 163-186.

Hedgecoe A. (2009) “A form of Practical Machinery”: The origins of Research Ethics Committees in the UK: 1967-1972, Medical History 53: 331-350

Hedgecoe A. (2008) ‘Research ethics review and the Sociological research relationship’ Sociology 42(5): 857-870. [Nominated for the SAGE Prize for Innovation and/or Excellence 2009]

Hedgecoe A (2008) ‘From resistance to usefulness: sociology and the clinical use of genetic tests’ Biosocieties 3: 183-194

Hedgecoe A (2006) ‘It’s money that matters: the financial context of ethical decision-making in modern biomedicine’ Sociology of Health & Illness 28(6): 768–784

Hedgecoe A (2006) ‘Context, ethics and pharmacogenetics’ Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 37(3): 566-582.

Hedgecoe A (2006) ‘Pharmacogenetics as Alien Science: Alzheimer’s, core sets, and expectations’ Social Studies of Science 36(5): 723-752

Hedgecoe A, Carvalho F, Lobmayer P and Rakar F (2006) ‘Research Ethics Committees in Europe: implementing the Directive, respecting diversity’ Journal of Medical Ethics 32: 483-486

Hedgecoe A (2006) ‘La maladie d’Alzheimer, les spécialistes et les débats éthiques sur les tests génétiques’ Sciences Sociales et Santé 24(1): 57-82.

Hopkins M, Ibarreta D, Gaisser S, Ezing C, Ryan J, Martin P, Lewis G, Detmar S, van den Akker-van Marle S, Hedgecoe A, Nightingale P, Dreiling M, Hartig K, Vullings W & Forde T (2006) ‘Putting pharmacogenetics into practice’ Nature Biotechnology 24(4): 403-410

Hedgecoe A (2005) ‘ “At the point at which you can do something about it, then it becomes more relevant”: informed consent in the pharmacogenetic clinic’ Social Science and Medicine 61(6): 1201-1210.

Hedgecoe A (2004) ‘Critical Bioethics: beyond the Social science critique of Applied Ethics’ Bioethics 18(2): 120-143.

Hedgecoe A (2003) ‘Terminology and the construction of scientific disciplines: the case of pharmacogenomics’ Science, Technology and Human Values 28(4): 513-537.

Hedgecoe A & Martin P (2003) ‘The drugs don't work: expectations and the shaping of pharmacogenetics’ Social Studies of Science 33(3): 327-364.

Hedgecoe A (2003) ‘Expansion and Uncertainty: cystic fibrosis, classification and genetics’ Sociology of Health and Illness 25(1): 50-70.

Hedgecoe A (2002) ‘Reinventing Diabetes: Classification, Division and the Geneticization of Disease’ New Genetics and Society 21(1): 7-27.

Hedgecoe A (2001) ‘Schizophrenia And the Narrative of Enlightened Geneticization’ Social Studies of Science 31(6): 875-911.

Hedgecoe A (2001) ‘Ethical Boundary work: Geneticization, Philosophy and the Social Sciences’ Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy: A European Journal 4(3): 305-309.