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Research Profile

Dr Sally Holland 

  • Current Projects

    Completed Projects

    • • September 2010-January 2011 Byrne and Holland, ‘Children at Risk: evaluating Early Years interventions with homeless families through photography’, Cymorth, £6,500.
    • • Oct 2010-Oct 2011 Bateman, MacIntosh, Rushworth, Holland and Williams, ‘Dental Health and Looked After Children’, Northumbria Health Board, £15,000.
    • • Safeguarding children and young people in local communities: a neighbourhood study. This is within the Welsh Institute of Social and Economic Data and Methods (WISERD). There is an ESRC CASE studentship attached to this project in partnership with the NSPCC. (2009-11)
    • • ‘An Evaluation of the “Option 2” Intensive Family Preservation Service’. Funded by the Alcohol Education Research Council this project is being led by Bedfordshire University in partnership with Cardiff and Birmingham Universities. (2009-11)
    • • 2008-2011 ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) CASE PhD studentship in partnership with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Safeguarding children and young people in local communities: a neighbourhood study.
    • • ‘Learning from experience: informing preventative policies and practice by analysing critical moments in care leavers’ life histories. Funded by the Voices from Care, Cymru (2009-10)
    • Extra(ordinary) lives: children's everyday relationship cultures in public care,
    • • 2004- 2006 -An evaluation of Newport Social Services Family Support services (with Noaks and Robinson), Newport City Council,
    • • 2004 A study of advocacy services for children and young people in Wales (with Pithouse and Renold, UWCM and NEWI), National Assembly for Wales,
    • • 2003 - 2005 - The Development of an all-Wales Evaluation Tool for Family Group Conferences (with Amanda Robinson and Abyd Quinn Aziz), Tros Gynnal,
    • • 2001- 2002, The formation of national identity: the experience of children in Wales. University of Wales Board of Celtic Studies (with Dr Jonathan Scourfield (lead researcher), Dr Bella Dicks and Dr Mark Drakeford),
    • • 2001- 2002, Overview and survey of effectiveness of interventions to promote stability and continuity of care for looked after children. Welsh Office for Research and Development, (with Alex Faulkner (lead researcher), Dorothy Connell and Dr Sara Hayes (Both UWCM) and Ian Stalk (Cardiff SSD)).
    • • 2000- 2001, Family Group Conferences in Monmouthshire: an evaluation of the Family Answers project. NCH Action for Children,
    • • 2001- 2002, Outcomes in Family Group Conferences for children on the brink of care: a study of child and family participation. Welsh Office for Research and Development.


    • Please e-mail me to request final research reports from any of the above projects: