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Research Profile

Dr Peter Hemming  



Hemming, P.J. (forthcoming) Religion in the Primary School: Ethos, Diversity, Citizenship, London: Routledge.

Madge, N., Hemming, P.J. & Stenson, K. (2013) Youth On Religion: The Development, Negotiation and Impact of Faith and Non-Faith Identity, London: Routledge.


Journal Articles

Hemming, P.J. (2013) ‘Spaces of spiritual citizenship: children’s relational and emotional encounters with the everyday school environment’, International Journal of Children’s Spirituality 18(1): 79-91.

King, K. & Hemming, P.J. (2012) ‘Exploring multiple religious identities through mixed qualitative methods’, Fieldwork in Religion 7(1): 29-47.

Madge, N., Hemming, P.J., Goodman, A., Goodman, S., Kingston, S., Stenson, K. & Webster, C. (2012) ‘Conducting large-scale surveys in schools: the case of the Youth On Religion Project’, Children & Society 26(6): 417-429.

Hemming, P.J. & Madge, N. (2012) ‘Researching children, youth and religion: identity, complexity and agency’, Childhood 19(1): 38-51.

Hemming, P.J. (2011) ‘The place of religion in public and private life: school ethos as a lens on society’, Sociology 45(6): 1061-1077.

Hemming, P.J. (2011) ‘Educating for religious citizenship: multiculturalism and national identity in an English multi-faith primary school’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 36(3): 441-454.

Hemming, P.J. (2011) ‘Meaningful encounters? Religion and social cohesion in the English primary school, Social & Cultural Geography 12(1): 63-81

Cook, V.A. & Hemming, P.J. (2011) ‘Education spaces: embodied dimensions and dynamics’ (Special Issue Editorial), Social & Cultural Geography 12(1):1-8.

Hemming, P.J. (2008) ‘Mixing qualitative research methods in children’s geographies’, Area 40(2): 152-165.

Hemming, P.J. (2007) ‘Renegotiating the primary school: children’s emotional geographies of sport, exercise and active play, Children’s Geographies 5(4): 353-371.


Book Chapters

Hemming, P.J. (forthcoming) ‘Geographies of faith in education’, in Brunn, S.D. (ed.) The Changing World Religious Map, New York: Springer.

Madge, N. & Hemming, P.J. (forthcoming) ‘Using a survey to investigate the role of religion in young people’s lives’, Innovative Methods in the Study of Religion: Research in Practice, Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Hemming, P.J. (2011) ‘Building a sense of community: children, bodies and social cohesion’, in L. Holt (ed.) Geographies of Children, Youth and Families: An International Perspective, London: Routledge, pp.55-66.