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Research Profile

Dr Peter Hemming  

  • Research Projects


    ‘Youth On Religion’, large-scale research project funded by the AHRC/ESRC ‘Religion and Society’ programme, with Brunel University, Leeds Metropolitan University and Middlesex University (2009-2011).

    ‘Religion and Spirituality in the Spaces of the Primary School: Social and Political Explorations’, doctoral research project at University of Leeds (2006-2009), supervised by Gill Valentine and Sarah Irwin.

    ‘Renegotiating the Institution: Children’s Geographies of Sport, Exercise and Active Play’ MA dissertation project at University of Leeds (2005-2006).




    Hemming P.J. (2013) Key note contribution, Religion and Childhood: Theory Research and Pedagogy research workshop, University of Kent, July.

    Hemming, P.J. (2013) ‘Faith in education? The changing role of religion in English schools’, A Question of Religion: Young People and Identity in Contemporary Multi-Faith Britain seminar, Brunel University, April.

    Hemming, P.J. (2012) ‘Geographies of faith in education’, Geographies of Education conference, Loughborough University, September.

    Hemming, P.J. (2012) ‘Faith, citizenship and social cohesion in the English primary school: qualitative insights’, British Educational Research Association annual conference, Manchester, UK, September.

    Hemming, P.J. (2012) ‘Primary schooling and the politics of scale: the difference that faith makes’, Education, Culture and Society Research Group seminar, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, February.

    Hemming, P.J. (2011) ‘The place of religion in public and private life: school ethos and values as a lens on society’, Department of Sociology & Communications Seminar Series, Brunel University, February.

    Hemming, P.J. (2010/11) ‘Making spiritual spaces: children and embodied practices in the everyday school environment, Centre for Human Geography Seminar Series, Brunel University, November 2010, and Department of Geography Seminar Series, Loughborough University, February 2011.

    Madge, N. & Hemming, P.J. (2010) Youth on religion: the use of an online questionnaire to investigate the role of religion in young people’s lives’, Innovative Methods in the Study of Religion conference, AHRC/ESRC Religion & Society Programme, London, UK, March.

    Hemming, P.J. & Madge, N. (2010) ‘Children, youth and religion: mapping the terrain’, Geographies of Religion conference, Newcastle University, UK, March.

    Hemming, P.J. (2009) ‘School spaces of belonging: educating children for religious citizenship’, Geographies of Education conference, Loughborough University, UK, September.

    Hemming, P.J. (2009) ‘Religious citizenship in the primary school: spaces of national identity and Difference’, Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers annual conference, Manchester, UK, August.

    Hemming, P.J. (2009) ‘Religion and community in the English primary school: spaces of social cohesion?’ International Seminars at National University of Singapore, University of Otago and University of Waikato, New Zealand, January-March.

    Hemming, P.J. (2008) ‘Faith, culture and community cohesion in the spaces of the primary school’, Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers annual conference, London, UK, August.

    Hemming, P.J. (2008) ‘Exploring religion and spirituality in children’s everyday school spaces: some ethical and methodological considerations’, Association of American Geographers annual conference, Boston, Massachusetts, US, April, and also BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group annual conference: religion & youth, Birmingham, UK, April.

    Hemming, P.J. (2007) ‘Geographies of health & exercise in the primary school: children, bodies & emotions, 1st International conference on geographies of children, youth & families, Reading, UK, September.

    Hemming, P.J. (2007) ‘Children’s geographies of sport, exercise and active play in the primary school’, Centre for Research on Families, Lifecourse & Generations Seminar, Leeds, UK, May.