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Research Profile

Dr Kirsty Hudson 

Career Profile

I have undertaken research in the following areas:

  • Sex offenders – Offending Identities: Sex Offenders’ Perspectives of their Treatment and Management (Hudson 2005); The Operation and Experience of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (Wood et al. 2006)
  • Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence - Evaluation of Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) (Robinson et al. 2007); Evaluation of independent sexual violence advisors and independent domestic violence advisors.
  • Resettlement of prisoners - Getting Out and Staying Out: Results of the Prisoner Resettlement Pathfinders (Funded by Home Office, with Maguire and Raynor et al.)
  • Regional resettlement strategies, implementation and theory – South West Integration (Funded by Prison and Probation Service and the Government Office of the South West, with McCoid, Heape and Hall)

My research on sex offenders looked at sex offenders’ perspectives of the way they are treated and managed within the criminal justice system. Offenders’ perspectives have been omitted from research in this field. My research, therefore, significantly and uniquely contributed to a growing area of criminological research. I have also been involved in a Home Office commissioned project investigating the experiences of key individuals (including offenders) involvement with MAPPA (see Wood et al 2006).

I have also conducted research evaluating the practices and policies available to provide support and advocacy to victims of sexual and domestic violence, including an evaluation of a new Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) within Cardiff (with Amanda Robinson, Cardiff University and Fiona Brookman, Glamorgan University).

As well as the SARC evaluation, I have also completed a number of process evaluations in the area of resettlement, for example the evaluation of Phase 2 of the ‘Resettlement Pathfinder’ project (see Clancy et al 2006). While employed as the principle researcher for SWing, I also conducted process evaluations on a number of new initiates within the field of resettlement. This included theoretically informed research on the concept and practice of resettlement, as well as applied research working alongside policy makers and practitioners.

Many of the projects that I have been involved with have looked at organisational issues relating to the implementation of a new initiative projects in order to identify both effective and ineffective practice and any obstacles to successful implementation. The aim being to identify those methods and strategies found to ‘work best’ to ensure that lessons can be learnt and other strategies can avoid recurrent problems or ameliorate their impact more successfully.

Teaching Profile

Areas of teaching:

  • The Criminal Justice and Penal Process;
  • Prisons and Community Sanctions
  • Diversity, Crime and Criminal Justice;
  • Patterns of Crime and Their Explanation.