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Research Profile

Dr Katy Greenland 

Selected Publications

Greenland, K., Xenias, D., & Maio, D. (2012) Intergroup anxiety from the self and other: Evidence from self-report, physiological effects, and real interactions. European Journal of Social Psychology, 42(2), 150-163.

Court, H., Greenland, K., & Margrain, T. H. (2010) Measuring Patient Anxiety in Primary Care: Rasch Analysis of the 6-item Spielberger State Anxiety Scale. Value in Health, 13(6 ), 813-819.

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Greenland, K & Nunney, R. (2008) The repeal of Section 28: it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Pastoral Care in Education, 26 (4), 243- 252. 

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