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Research Profile

Prof Ruth Chadwick 

    • 2002-7 Lead applicant on application for ESRC Centre on Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics £4.3 million
    • 2002-7 Partner in the NorthWest Genetics Knowledge Part (NoWGeN)
    • 2002 Partner in EU project (co-ordinated from Rome) on Bioethical Implications of Globalisation (BiG)
    • 2001 Partner in Iceland co-ordinated EU funded grant ELSAGEN (ethical, legal and social aspects of genetic databases)
    • 2000 Awarded grant from the Wellcome Trust for electronic Bioethics resource for the United Kingdom (with Oxford and Sheffield)
    • 1998 Awarded grant (one-third share) from the NHS Executive North-West for LiMPET (Liverpool, Manchester, Preston Ethics Training) as partner in a project researching the performance and training needs of members of Local Research Ethics Committees linked to the development, delivery and evaluation of training
    • 1996-9 Lead applicant, EUROSCREEN 2: Genetic screening: towards Community policy on insurance, commercialisation and promoting public awareness
    • 1995 Lead applicant, grant for BIOCULT project on 'Cultural and Social Objections to Biotechnology'
    • 1994-7 Lead applicant, EUROSCREEN Project funded by the EC - (Genetic screening and predictive medicine: ethical and philosophical perspectives, with special reference to multifactorial diseases)