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Research Profile

Prof Mark Drakeford 

Selected Publications


2012 forthcoming November 2012: Social Policy and Social Work: Palgrave, Macmillan, with Bill Jordan

2011 Social Work On Trial: the Maria Colwell Inquiry and the state of welfare, Bristol, Policy Press, with Ian Butler

2005 Scandal, Social Policy and Social Welfare (2nd edition) Bristol, Policy Press – 1st edition 2003, Palgrave Macmillan, with Ian Butler



2011 Abolishing the Safety Net: Wales and Devolution of the Social Fund, Cardiff, Bevan Foundation, with Kirrin Davidson


Refereed Journal Articles

2012 forthcoming: ‘Wales in the Age of Austerity’ Critical Social Policy

2011 ‘Devolution and youth justice in Wales’, Criminology and Criminal Justice, 10:2, 137 – 154

2011 ‘Familial Homicide and Social Work’, British Journal of Social Work, 40:5, 1419 – 1433, with Ian Butler

2011 ‘Transforming Time: a new tool for youth justice’, Youth Justice 10:2, 143 – 156, with Lee Gregory

2011 ‘Just another financial institution? Tensions in the future of credit unions in the UK’ Journal of Poverty and Social Justice. 19 (2) pp. 117-129, with Lee Gregory

2008 ‘Booing or cheering? Ambiguity in the construction of victimhood’, Crime Media Culture, 4:3,  367-385, with Ian Butler

2007 ‘Everyday tragedies: justice, scandal and young people in contemporary Britain’, Howard Journal 46:3, 219 – 235, with Ian Butler.

2007 ‘Social justice in a devolved Wales’, Benefits, 15:2, 171 – 178

2006 ‘Ownership, regulation and the public interest: the case of residential care for older people’, Critical Social Policy 26:4, 932 - 944

2006 ‘Asset based welfare and social work’ B. J.  Social Work, 36, 149 - 155

2006 ‘How to Explain a Suicide’ Crime Media Culture, 2: 217 – 223

2005 ‘Health Policy in Wales: making a difference in conditions of difficulty’ Critical Social Policy: 25: 497 - 503

2005 ‘Trusting in social work’, British Journal of Social Work, 35:5, 639 -653, with Ian Butler


Book Chapters

2013 forthcoming: ‘Social Work and Politics’ in The Blackwell Companion to Social Work (Fourth Ed.), - 1st edition 1997, Blackwell, Oxford

2012 forthcoming: ‘Social Services in Wales’ in Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care, Harris, J. and White, V. (eds), Oxford University Press.

2011 ‘Governance and Social Policy in a Devolved Wales’; in Social Policy for Social Welfare Practice in a Devolved Wales. (Second Ed.) Williams, C. (ed) Venture Press: Birmingham pp. 21 – 34, with Lee Gregory

2010 ‘Children and young people’s policy in Wales’ in Children's Services at the Crossroads, Ayre, P. and Preston-Shoot, M. (eds), Lyme Regis: Russell House, with Ian Butler

2010 ‘Governance and social policy in a devolved Wales’, in Social Policy for Social Welfare Practice, C. Williams (ed) Venture Press

2008 ‘Going private? Privatisation and social welfare in the Blair years’, In Modernising the Welfare State: the Blair legacy, Powell, M. (ed). Policy Press, 161 - 178

2007 ‘Private welfare’, in Understanding the Mixed Economy of Welfare, Powell, M. (ed) Policy Press, 61 – 82