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Research Profile

Mr Rhys Davies 


Journal Articles

Davies, R. and Pierre G. (2005), The Family Gap in Pay in Europe:  a cross-country study, Labour Economics 12 (4)  429-612.

Davies, R.,  Orton, M.  and  Bosworth, D.  (2007)  ‘Local taxation and the relationship between incomes and property values’  Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 25 (5) 756-772.

Davies R and Welpton R (2008) "How does workplace monitoring affect the gender wage differential? Analysis of the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings and the 2004 WERS", British Journal of Industrial Relations 46 (4) 732-749.

Orton, M.  and  Davies, R.  (2009)  ‘Exploring neglected dimensions of social policy: the Social Division of Welfare, fiscal welfare and the exemplar of local taxation in England’  Social Policy and Administration 43 (1) 33-53.

Davies R, Jones P and Nunez I. (2009). The Impact of the Business Cycle on Occupational Injuries in the UK. Social Science and Medicine, 69(2) pp178-182.


Chapters in Edited Volumes and Non-Refereed Articles

Elias, P., A. McKnight, R. Davies and G. Kinshott (2000).  ‘Occupational Change: revision of the Standard Occupational Classification’.  Labour Market Trends, December.

Davies R. and Elias P. (2004), Employer Provided Training within the European Union: a comparative review in Sofer C (Ed), Human Capital over the Life-Cycle. Edward Elgar

Aumeyr M. and Davies R. (2009) Characteristics of Respondents Giving Informed Consent for Linking of Business Data:  Analysis of the 2004 Workplace Employment Relationship Survey and the 2007 National Employer Skills Survey, ONS Survey Methodology Bulletin 01/2009.

Davies R. and Elias P. (forthcoming), The Application of ESEC to Three Sources of Harmonised European Data in Harrison E and Rose D (Eds),: Social Class in Europe: An Introduction to the European Socio-Economic Classification, Routeledge


Research Reports

Elias, P., A. McKnight, Davies R and Birch M. (2000), Structure and description of unit groups’. Standard Occupational Classification, Vol. 1. Office for National Statistics. London: The Stationery Office.

Bosworth D., Davies R., Hogarth T., Wilson R. and Shury J. (2000), Employers Skill Survey: Statistical Report. Department for Education and Employment, Ref: SKT 31.

Bosworth D., Davies R. and Wilson R. (2001), Skills and Performance: An Econometric Analysis of the Employers Skill Survey. Department for Education and Skills, Ref: SME1.

Davies R and Wilson R A (2002), Assembly Scrutiny of London Weighting, in Report of the London Weighting Advisory Panel: London Weighting, Greater London Authority.

Wilson R.A., R. Davies, A Green, D Owen and P. Elias (2002), 2001 Review of the Staff Market Forces Factor, Department of Health/ Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick: Coventry.

Davies R., Galloway S., Lindley R. and Scheibl F. (2002), Artists Labour Markets and the Tax and Benefit System. Research Report 29. Arts Council of England.

Davies R. and Elias P. (2003), Dropping Out: A Study of Early Leavers from Higher Education. Research Report 386. Department for Education and Skills.

Davies R. and Lindley R. (2003), Artists in Figures – a statistical portrait of Cultural Occupations. Research Report 30. Arts Council of England.

Szczepura A., Elias, P., Davies R., Gumber A., Johnson M., Walker I. and Owen D. (2004), Review of the Occupational Health and Safety of Britain’s Ethnic Minorities. Health and Safety Executive, Contract Research Report Series.

Purcell K., Elias P., Durbin S., Davies R., Behle H. and Warren S. (2005), The employment of social science PhDs in academic and non-academic jobs: research skills and postgraduate training, A report prepared for the ESRC Training and Development Board, ESRC, Swindon.

Elias, P., Davies, R., Purcell, K., & Wilton, N. (2005) The Class of '99: A study of the early labour market experience of recent graduates, DfES Research Report, Sheffield.

Purcell, K., Wilton, N., Davies, R., & Elias, P. (2005) Education as a Graduate Career: Entry and Exit from Teaching as a Profession, DfES Research Report, Sheffield.

Purcell, K., Elias, P., Davies, R., & Wilton, N. (2005) Northern IrelandGraduates: The Classes of 1995 and 1999, DELNI Research Report, Belfast.

Davies R. and Jones P. (2006) Trends and Context to Rates of Workplace Injury, Health and Safety Executive, Research Report Series

Bernard-Carter P., Bolt H., Cameron I., Davies R., Duff R., Hare B., Jones P. (2006) Factors Influencing Scottish Construction Accidents, Health and Safety Executive, Research Report Series