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Research Profile

Dr Bella Dicks 

Selected Publications

Dicks, B. (ed) (2011; in press) Digital Qualitative Research Methods, 4 volume Major Work, London: Sage (SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods series)

Dicks, B. (2011) ‘Closing the Gap: A reflection on Late 20th Century Visitability’, in Snape, R. (ed) Recording Leisure Lives: Holidays and Tourism in 20th Century Britain, Eastbourne: Leisure Studies Association, pp. 135-152

Dicks, B. and Mason, B. (2011), Clickable data: Hypermedia and Social Research, in S. Hesse-Biber (ed) The Handbook of  Emergent Technologies in Social Research New York: Oxford University Press

Hurdley, R. and Dicks, B. (2011) In-between practice: working in the ‘third space’ of sensory and multimodal ethnography, Qualitative Research, (Impact factor pending) 11 (3) 277-292.

Dicks, B., Flewitt, R., Lancaster, L. and Pahl, K. (2011) ‘Multimodality and ethnography: working at the intersection’, Qualitative Research, 11 (3) 227-238.

Dicks, B. and Mason, B. (2008) ‘Hypermedia methods for qualitative research, in S. Hesse-Biber and P. Leavy (eds) The Handbook of Emergent Methods, New York: Guilford Publications

Dicks, B. and Hurdley, R. (2009) Using unconventional media to disseminate qualitative research, Qualitative Researcher, 10. pp 2-6.

Dicks, B. and Mason, B. (2008) Hypermedia Methods for Qualitative Research, in S. Nagy Hesse-Biber and P. Levy (eds) Handbook of Emergent Methods New York: The Guilford Press.

Dicks B. (2008) Performing the Hidden Injuries of Class in Coal-Mining Heritage, Sociology, Vol. 42, No. 3, 436-452

Dicks, B., Mason, B., Coffey, A. and Atkinson, P. (2005) Qualitative research and Hypermedia: ethnography for the digital age, London: Sage.

Dicks, B. (2004) Culture on Display: The production of contemporary visitability. Open University Press.

Dicks, B. (2000) Heritage, Place and Community, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Dicks, B., Soyinka, B. and Coffey, A. (2006) Multimodal ethnography, Qualitative Research 6 (1), 77-96.

Scourfield, J. Dicks, B., Holland, S. and Drakeford, M. (2006) The significance of place in middle childhood, The British Journal of Sociology, 57 (4) pp 577-596

Scourfield, J., Dicks, B., Drakeford, M. and Davies, A. (2006) Children, Place and Identity, London: Routledge.

Waddington, D., Critcher, C., Dicks, B. and Parry, D. (2001) Out of the Ashes? The Social Impact of Industrial Contraction and Regeneration on Britain’s Mining Communities London: Routledge.