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Research Profile

Dr Anne Crowley 

Conference Papers / Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Crowley, A. (forthcoming). Is Anyone Listening? The impact of children’s participation on public policy. [Article accepted by the Journal of Contemporary Social Welfare published by Routledge].

Crowley, A. (2004). Using the UNCRC as a Tool of Change. Wales Law Journal, 59, 26-35.

Crowley, A and Pithouse, A. (2008). Adults Rule? Children, advocacy, and complaints to social services. Children and Society, 21: 201-33.

Holland, S. and Crowley, A. (2013). Looked after children and their birth families: Using sociology to explore changing relationships, hidden histories and nomadic childhoods. Child & Family Social, 18(1): 57-66.

Pithouse, A and Crowley, A.  (2007). National standards in advocacy: what do young people say? Child Care in Practice, 13(1): 17-32.

Thomas, N., Cook, M., Cook, J., France, H., Hillman, J., Jenkins, C., Pearson, T., Pugh-Dungey, R., Sawyers, B., Taylor, M. and Crowley, A. (2010). Evaluating the Children's Commissioner for Wales: Report of a Participatory Research Study. The International Journal of Children's Rights, 18(1):19-52.

Webb, E. Horrocks, Crowley A., Lessof, N. (2009) Using the UN Convention on the Rights of Children to improve the health of children. Paediatrics and Child Health, 19(9): 430-434.


Book Chapters

Croke, R. and Crowley, A. (2011). Human Rights and Child Poverty in the UK. In Invernizzi, A. and Williams, J. (eds). The Human Rights of Children. Farnham: Ashgate.

Crowley, A. (forthcoming). Comparing the impact of children’s participation on policy making in Wales and Tamil Nadu: An international social research methods case study. In Brindle, P. (ed.). Sage Comparative Research in Action. London: Sage.

Crowley, A. (forthcoming). Evaluating the impact of children and young people’s participation in public decision-making. In Westwood, J., Larkins, C., Moxon, D., Perry, Y, and Thomas, N. (eds). Participation, Citizenship and Intergenerational Relations in Children and Young People’s Lives: Children and Adults in Conversation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Pivot.

Crowley, A. (2013). Children’s Participation in Wales. In Williams, J. (ed.). The UNCRC in Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Crowley, A. (2011). Child Poverty in Wales. In Williams, C. (ed.). Social Policy for Social Welfare Practice in a Devolved Wales (second edition). Birmingham: Venture Press/BASW.

Crowley, A. and Croke, R. (2013). Child Poverty and Human Rights. In Williams, J. (ed.). UNCRC in Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Crowley, A. and Skeels, A. (2010). Getting the measure of children and young people’s participation. In Percy-Smith, B. and Thomas, N. (eds). A Handbook of children and young people's participation: Perspectives from theory and practice. London: Routledge.

Thomas, N. and Crowley, A. (2007). The State of Children’s Welfare and Rights in Wales. In Scourfield, J. (ed.). Contemporary Wales, 18, 46-58. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.


Selected Conference Papers

Getting the Measure of Children’s Participation. Paper presented at International Childhoods Conference, Sheffield University, July 2010.

Has devolution delivered inclusive governance for children in Wales? Paper presented at Conference on Devolution and Divergence: Health and Social Care in the UK, Cardiff University, May 2010 (with Professor Andy Pithouse).

Is anyone listening? The impact of children’s participation on public policy. Paper presented at European Sociological Association Conference (Childhood stream), Geneva, September 2011.

Evaluating the Impact of Children’s Participation. Paper presented at 2nd International Conference of the International Childhood and Youth Research Network titled ‘Children, Young People and Adults: Extending the Conversation’. University of Central Lancashire, UK, September, 2012. 


Other Articles

Crowley, A. (2012) Comparing the Impact of Children’s Participation on Policy Making in Wales and Tamil Nadu. Economic and Social Research Council’s Research Development Initiative: International Social Research Methods Case Studies. Available at:

Book Review of Dunk-West, P. and Hafford-Letchfield, T. (2013) Sexual Identities and Sexuality in Social Work: Research and Reflections from Women in the Field,  in Qualitative Research, 13 (4) 464-466.