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Research Profile

Prof Susan Baker  

Selected Publications

Bloor M, Baker S, Sampson H (2011) Written evidence to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee Enquiry on Sulphur Emissions by Ships

Baker S, The Environmental Dimensions of Transition, Central and South-Eastern Europe (4th Edition), Bell I (ed), Europa Publications, London, 2004, pp 53-62, ISBN 1-85743-186-3

Baker S, Values and Principles in EU Environmental Policy, Values in EU Policy,Lucarelli S and Manners I (Eds), Routledge, London, 2004, ISBN 0-14537-136-8

Baker S and McCormack J, Sustainable Development: Comparative Understandings and Responses, Green Giants: USA and EU Environmental Policy, Vig N J (ed), MIT PressCambridge, MASS, 2004, pp 277-302, ISBN 0-26272-044-2

Baker S - The Challenge of Eco feminism for European Politics Europe, Globalisation and Sustainable Development, (Editors J Barry, B Baxter and R Dunphy), Routledge, London (2003) 15-30 ISBN 0 4153 0276 5                        

Baker S - The Environmental Dimensions of Transition Central and South-Eastern Europe 2004, (Editor Imogen Gladman), Europa Publications, London (2003) 53-62 ISBN 1 8574 3186 3

Baker S - The Dynamics of European Union Biodiversity Policy: Interactive Functional and Institutional Logics, Environmental Politics 12 3 (2003) 24-41 ISSN 0964-4016

Baker S – Lokala Investeringsprogram, Centre for Evaluation, Umeå (2002) pp 168ISBN 9 1730 5196 9

Baker S – European Union Biodiversity Policy, Working Paper, European University Institute, Florence (2002) pp 28 ISSN 2002/44

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Baker S – The Environmental Dimensions of Transition, Central and South-Eastern Europe 2002 (Editor I Bell) Europa Publications, London (2002) 57-63 ISBN 1 8574 3120 0

Baker S – Environmental Politics and Transition, Environmental Problems of Eastern Europe (Editors F Carter and D Turnock) Routledge, London (2002) 22-3

Baker S – Biodiversity Conservation in EU: An Emerging Social and Political Issue, Working Group on Environmental Studies Newsletter 23 (2002) 1-6 ISSN none

Baker S and Pollack M – The Kyoto Protocol without America, EUI Policy Document, Florence (2002) pp 44 ISBN None

Baker, S., 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; International Obligations, Eastern Enlargement and the Promotion of Sustainable Development in the European Union', Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 1999, Vol. 2, summer, 2000, Pp. 149-166

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