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Research Profile

Prof Paul Atkinson 

Selected Publications

Authored Books

Katie Featherstone and Paul Atkinson, Creating Conditions: The Making and Remaking of a Genetic Syndrome. London: Routledge, 2011.

Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont and William Housley, Contours of Culture: Ethnography for Complexity, Lanham MD: AltaMira Press, 2008. Extract reprinted in Bella Dicks (ed.) Digital Qualitative Research Methods Vol II, London: Sage.

Everyday Arias: An Operatic Ethnography. Lanham MD: AltaMira Press, 2006.

Bella Dicks, Bruce Mason, Amanda Coffey and Paul Atkinson. Qualitative Research and Hypermedia: Ethnography for the Digital Age. London: Sage, 2005.

Katie Featherstone, Paul Atkinson, Aditya Bharadwaj and Angus Clarke, Risky Relations: Family, Kinship and the New Genetics. Oxford: Berg, 2005.

Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson, Successful Research Careers. London: Open University Press, 2004.

Paul Atkinson and William Housley, Interactionism. London: Sage, 2003

Paul Atkinson, Amanda Coffey and Sara Delamont, Key Themes in Qualitative Research. Walnut Creek CA: AltaMira Press, 2003.

Sara Delamont, Paul Atkinson and Odette Parry, The Doctoral Experience: Success and Failure in Graduate School. London: Falmer-Routledge, 2000.

Sara Delamont, Paul Atkinson and Odette Parry, Supervising the PhD: A Guide to Success, Buckingham: Open University Press, 1997, Second Edition Supervising the Doctorate. Open University Press/McGraw-Hill, 2004. Arabic edition Cairo: Dar Al Farouk, 2009. Chinese edition, Peking University Press, 2012.

Amanda Coffey and Paul Atkinson, Making Sense of Qualitative Data, Thousand Oaks CA: Sage, 1996; Encontrar el sentido a los datos cualitativos: estrategias comlementarias de investigacion,University of Alicante, 2005.

Sociological Readings and Re-Readings, Aldershot:  Avebury, 1996.

Medical Talk and Medical Work: The Liturgy of the Clinic, London: Sage, 1995. Extract reprinted in S. Earle and G. Letherby (eds) The Sociology of Healthcare: A Reader for Health Professionals. London: Palgrave.

Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson,  Fighting Familiarity, New York:  Hampton Press, 1995.

Anna Weaver and Paul Atkinson,  Microcomputing Strategies for Qualitative Data Analysis, Aldershot:  Avebury, 1994.

Understanding Ethnographic Texts,  Newbury Park CA and London:  Sage, 1992. Extract reprinted in Clive Seale (ed.) Social Research Methods: A Reader. London: Routledge,

The Ethnographic Imagination:  Textual Constructions of Reality, London and New York:  Routledge, 1990. Republished, Routledge 2010. Extract reprinted  in R. Emerson (ed.) Contemporary Field Research, Prospect Heights ILL: Waveland, pp. 89-101.

Language, Structure and Reproduction: An Introduction to the Sociology of Basil Bernstein, London and New York:  Methuen, 1985.

Martyn Hammersley and Paul Atkinson, Ethnography: Principles in Practice, London and New York: Tavistock, 1983. Second edition, London and New York: Routledge, 1995; Third edition, London and New York: Routledge, 2007. Norwegian edition, Oslo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, 1987. Spanish edition; Polish edition 2000.

The Clinical Experience: The Construction and Reconstruction of Medical Reality, Farnborough: Gower, 1981. Second edition, Ashgate, 1997.


Edited collections

Sage Qualitative Methods (4 Vols). (ed. Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson)  London: Sage, 2010

Handbook of Genetics and Society (ed. Peter Glasner, Margaret Lock and Paul Atkinson) London: Routledge, 2009; paperback edn 2012..

Representing Ethnography  (4 Vols) (ed. Paul Atkinson and Sara Delamont) London: Sage, 2008.

Gender and Research (4 Vols.) (ed. Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson) London: Sage, 2008.

New Genetics, New Formations (ed. Peter Glasner, Paul Atkinson and Helen Greenslade) London: Routledge, 2007.

New Genetics, New Identities (ed. Paul Atkinson, Peter Glasner and Helen Greenslade) London: Routledge, 2007.

Narrative Methods (4 Vols.) (ed. Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson)  London: Sage, 2006. 

Handbook of Ethnography (ed. Paul Atkinson, Amanda Coffey, Sara Delamont, John Lofland and Lyn Lofland). London: Sage, 2001.

Discourse and Reproduction: Essays in Honor of Basil Bernstein (ed. Sara Delamont, Paul Atkinson and Brian Davies), New York: Hampton Press, 1995

Openness in Research: The Tension Between Self and Other (ed. Ilja Maso, Sara Delamont and Jef Verhoeven), Assen, The Netherlands: Van Gorcum, 1995

Occupational Socialization and Working Lives (ed. Amanda Coffey and Paul Atkinson), Aldershot: Avebury, 1994

Youth Unemployment and State Intervention (ed. Teresa Rees and Paul Atkinson), London:  Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1982.

Medical Work: Realities and Routines (ed. Christian Heath and Paul Atkinson), Farnborough:  Gower, 1981.

Prospects for the National Health (ed. Paul Atkinson, Robert Dingwall and Anne Murcott),  London: Croom Helm, 1979.


Journal articles and book chapters


Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson, ‘Narratives and accounts: Their collection and analysis’, in J. Huisman and M. Tight (eds) Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. Bingley: Emerald Publishing.

Paul Atkinson, Maggie Gregory and Katie Featherstone, ‘Genescapes, timescapes and kinscapes’, Sociology of Health and Illness, 35, 8, 2013

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‘The mastersingers: Language and practice in an operatic masterclass’, Ethnography and Education, 8, 3, 2013.

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