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Research Profile

Dr Michael Arribas Ayllon  

Career Profile

Michael joined the School in January 2004 to complete his doctorate after transferring from the University of Western Sydney. He holds an Honours degree in Philosophy and Social Psychology (University of Western Sydney) and a doctorate in Philosophy (Cardiff University).

In November 2005, Michael joined Cesagen (ERSC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics) to work on the social and ethical aspects of genomics. He has worked on numerous projects exploring parental accounts of genetic testing; the communication and disclosure of genetic risk in the family; professional accounts of ethical dilemmas in the clinic; and the representation of genetic testing in the public domain. He has also conducted research on psychiatric genetics and interviewed scientists about large-scale collaborative research.

Michael’s current research is tracing the subsequent developments of genomic technologies. One branch is pursuing the impact of direct-to-consumer genetic testing and the ways in which lay communities use and interpret genetic information. Another branch is interested in the politics of personalised medicine and the ways in which promises and expectations about the ‘new biology’ are mediated in expert and public domains. Michael is also interested in public engagement as a means of reflecting upon and participating in the construction of scientific knowledge, perceptions of risk, and the joint imagining of technological futures. A persistent question he asks in relation to his research is: what does it mean to be human?