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Welcome to the cfNexus homepage

cfNexus is an integrated talent realisation model which aims to:-

  • identify new talent, yet to engage with higher education,
  • provide opportunities for existing undergraduate and post-graduate students to maximise their potential by working in new ways with leading academic staff,
  • through interactive online workshops, to bring together specialists from a wide variety of academic, industrial and enterprise backgrounds to address issues of future wealth creation.

New collaborative communities of co-learning (COLLABS) are being set up in password-protected sites for newly emerging and more experienced talent to engage both in speculative creative thinking, as well as more focused reflection on crucial insights emerging from the latest research.

cfNexus has the potential to reach likely future talent in all communities. However, in the first instance, it will put a strong emphasis on those with little tradition of working with and through higher education. Links with both local schools and communities as potential providers of talent to higher education, and businesses and social initiatives of all scales and interest as the end users of university talent will be facilitated by current undergraduates.

Students in TV Studio

Through setting up student support teams around leading academics cfNexus will give both undergraduate and post graduate groups the opportunity to engage with a tutor’s latest research in new ways. By the use of ‘reverse seminars’ it will be the academic’s latest thinking that is under scrutiny, rather than student work, so that newly emerging talent has the chance, through an interactive exploration of the ways academic arguments are built up, to ensure they are have properly grasped the appropriate building blocks of knowledge required to master the field.

cfNexus provides unique opportunities for industry and commerce to share new, possibly alternative and breakthrough ways of thinking with students and academic staff within secure online spaces which will promote both open-ended creativity through the provision of ‘play’ spaces, and more focused project development through collaborative thinking.

Faced with the social and economic challenges of the 21st Century, cfNexus is as much about bringing capable people together in new ways as it is about the generation of new ideas. It is people who have ideas. Based in Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences, cfNexus is concerned with providing the ‘new glue’ necessary to put talented people together in new ways.

Access is granted to cfNexus by Management Team. For further information, please contact:

Dr Ian Jones - Project Director - 

Mr Dewi Parry - Project Manager - 

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