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Exam Marking Feedback

Exam marking Feedback

UCU asked members:

We are aware of some concern about the very short timescale given for completion of marking. If you have similar concerns please let us know (if you can find the time to do so!).

 Members said (selected extracts):

  • It will be impossible to ensure scripts are second-marked and moderated effectively within these time-frames.
  • This is a problem but I don’t have time to set it out!
  • REGIS have set in place so many tasks for the assessment team that the admin staff have more time for processing than we academics have to mark them!!
  • You are dependent on academics that find their research more important than teaching and you have to keep chasing them for the marks. REF and the threat of redundancy if you don't perform well enough on the research side will only make things worse.
  • Marking schedules are quite tight.
  • I do not feel there is enough time to do a decent job. I could spend the weekend, but have relatives visiting that weekend. I have complained about it and it has been suggested this is due to us hitting the final deadline for the administrative staff, who appear to enjoy precedence in this instance over the students. Students have spent a year preparing for this and they deserve adequate staff time to assess their work.
  • It is not clear how this is supposed to be possible within the given time. If I spend only 10 minutes per essay (which is not sufficient), I would need 60 hours in a period of a week, 30 of those after noon on Thursday. This assumes that I do not need to look anything up which I would normally do if necessary but I just won't be able to in this case.
  • Because of marking this year, I have to skip the annual tutor conference. This is part of the training programme for tutors, and this involves loss of income because tutors are paid to attend.
  • Postgraduate students who have never marked examinations before are being expected to mark in this time period. They will essentially have no time to consult their mentors if they have any questions or queries.
  • There is either a lack of planning or almost complete disregard for the quality of marking at first year level.
  • I am stressed about this as I worry about my ability to complete the work within the required time. I just hope I don't get sick or have any sort of family emergency during this time as I certainly won't be able to complete the work in that case.
  • This is not a sane way to organise assessment if one is at all concerned about the quality of that assessment!
  • We need to be sure that deadlines intended to enhance efficiency of exam boards don't inadvertently compromise the quality of the underlying marks being considered.
  • Marking schedules are very tight this year. If I was a student I might wonder exactly how accurate and consistent the marking can be with only 4 working days to get all this done.
  • Rushing to mark dozens of exams or moderating dozens of assessments is more likely to lead to mistakes and problems. Those that manage the examinations process and arrange the exams timetables are responsible for the consequences.