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Following the announcement of a marking boycott from 28 April 2014, Ben Biggie, our President, has issued this statement:

"UCU members across the UK have voted for industrial action, which included a variety of different forms. We have tried lots of different tactics to get the employers back to the negotiating table for serious talks about pay. We have held six strikes including three one-day strikes and the recent two-hour stoppages.
Unfortunately the employers have been really stubborn about negotiating properly, and insist staff should accept their 1% offer which is another real-terms pay cut and will leave staff with a 13% real-terms drop in their pay since 2009.
Despite our strike action and a glut of embarrassing stories about vice-chancellors enjoying pay rises of 5% just last year, we now have to move towards our ultimate sanction – a marking boycott. This really is a last resort. No lecturer likes doing it, but we've been left with no choice because of the intransigence from the employers.
It is understandable that students will be upset and angry about this, but that anger should be directed at vice-chancellors who are sitting on massive economic surpluses and who've consistently awarded themselves huge pay increases.
If Cardiff students want to complain about the proposed marking boycott then we would ask them to email the vice-chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan, at  Students should ask him exactly what he is doing to try and resolve the dispute and urge him to put greater pressure the employers’ representatives, the UCEA, to come back to the negotiating table for proper pay negotiations."

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The Work to Contract also continues. Members should:

- work no more than their contracted hours where those hours are expressly stated (for many full-time Cardiff staff this will be 35 hours per week) or where they are stipulated in a workload agreement and in any event not to exceed the maximum number of hours per week stipulated in the Working Time Regulations (48 hours a week);

- perform no additional voluntary duties, such as out of hours cover, or covering for colleagues (unless such cover is contractually required);

-set and mark no work beyond that work which they are contractually obliged to set and/or mark;

- attend no meetings where such attendance is voluntary on the part of the members;

- undertake no duties that breach health and safety policies or other significant employer's policies.

For detailed advice go to Working to Contract

Please get in touch if you have any queries. Thank you for your support.

Cardiff UCU Executive Committee

Getting Involved

We would warmly welcome any member who would like to get involved in the work of Cardiff UCU. Contributions can be made in a wide variety of ways.

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Cardiff UCU has developed some guidance for members in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). See our FAQs here FTC Reviews


In a period of fast moving change, we believe that it is now even more important that colleagues should be members of UCU so that support and advice will be available to them when needed. Please help us to reach our friends and colleagues with our message. See our leaflet here Recruitment Leaflet

Members are asked to give it to a colleague whom they believe may not presently be a member of UCU. We do not wish to see our friends and colleagues suffering unwelcome consequences of change without being able to help. We would be pleased to answer any questions that members or any potential members may have. Contact us at or telephone Cardiff (029) 2087 4443

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