40 Years of Ethnography at Cardiff

40 Years of Ethnography

The ethnography research group was established in the Department of Sociology in 1974, by Professor Paul Atkinson and Dr Anne Murcott.

Open to anyone in the south east Wales area with an interest in ethnographic research, the group has run training and development sessions and provided a supportive atmosphere for graduate students and staff to present their work, discuss ideas, and brainstorm about their research plans and has invited speakers.

Upcoming events

Researching the contingency of life: A relational approach to understanding risk

Workshop with Professor Åsa Boholm (University of Gothenburg), Thursday 7 May, 2015

Professor Boholm's presentation focuses on the ways in which perception, communication and management of risk are shaped by culturally informed and socially embedded knowledge and experience. This is a joint event with the Institute for Sustainable Place Making (PLACE) and the Understanding Risk Group (URG).

For more information please contact Karen Henwood.

After Paul Atkinson: The Future of Three Research Areas

Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September, 2015

Rounding off a year of celebrations for 40 years of ethnography at Cardiff, this two-day event will look at the future of three research areas: biomedicine and genomics, enculturation and the arts, and the future of ethnography and qualitative methods.

For more information please contact Deborah Watkins.

Past events

Past events have included lectures by such prestigious academicians as Professor Judith Okely (University of Oxford), Professor Jack Katz (UCLA) and Professor Evelyn Ruppert (Goldsmiths, University of London). Topics explored have ranged from autobiographical fieldwork experiences, ethnography in hospital settings and comparative projects considering ethnography in prison life.