The Use and Conceptualisation of Sensory Ethnography


Ceri Morris will discuss the use of sensory ethnography which has developed as a discipline in recent years, but with a tendency to privilege the visual.

Pollution Sensing and Fracking: Practices of Citizen-Based Air-Quality Monitoring


A number of environmental sensing technologies and practices are emerging that seek to enable citizens to use DIY and low-tech monitoring tools to understand and act upon environmental problems.

Using multiple qualitative methods to understand barriers to breastfeeding in the UK


Breastfeeding rates in the UK are very low, with only 1% of women breastfeeding in line with World Health Organization recommendations. Dawn Mannay and Aimeé Grant present findings of their studies related to breastfeeding separately.

Beyond the adoption order – discord and disruption in adoptive families in Wales and England


CASCADE’s Annual Adoption lecture, in association with BAAF, will see Professor Julie Selwyn (University of Bristol) speak at this free public talk.

Alternative Futures: Trans/Post-humanism and the transformation of the Lifecourse


This event, jointly presented by The Social Theory Forum and CESAGene, will address paradigmatic issues emerging from developments in science and technology which are altering the existential and cultural parametres for what we consider to be the ‘lifecourse.’

Researching the contingency of life: A relational approach to understanding risk


Professor Åsa Boholm (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) will deliver this presentation which focuses on the ways in which perception, communication and management of risk are shaped by culturally informed and socially embedded knowledge and experience.

Practices, Identities and Bodies at Work: A critical exploration of contemporary health care


The BSA MedSoc (Wales) Study Group invites you to attend this event where presentations will be given by Dr Carol Wolkowitz (University of Warwick), Dr Fiona Moffatt (The University of Nottingham) and Professor Davina Allen (Cardiff University).

Suicide, Self-harm and the Internet: Exploring Use, Prevention and Intervention


This joint DECIPHer and CASCADE symposium will explore the role that Internet technology can bring to suicide and self-harm prevention.

Mobile methods: Social science on the move


Dr Rob Smith will discuss and demonstrate a range of approaches to taking existing methods ‘on the move’ and the trickier task of studying mobile practices and mobility itself.

SOCSI Education Research Group Seminar – May


PhD students Alyson Lewis and Suzanne Samuel present at the next SOCSI Education Research Group Seminar on ‘well-being’ and ‘adult learning’ respectively