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SIMS and BusinessObjects

Business Objects has been implemented by the University as an end user reporting tool since September 2002.  During this time a significant number of reports have been published to assist Academic Schools and Administrative Divisions with operational and managerial activity.  The links on this page will help new and existing Business Objects users navigate and exploit Business Objects.

Obtaining a Business Objects Account

New to Business Objects?
The Account page will guide you through the process of obtaining a Business Objects account.

General Information and Support

Installation, password or data queries?
Where to find assistance and support.

Training Documentation

Training documentation to help new users get started and enable existing users to make the most of Business Objects.

Finding The Report You Need

“I know what data I need but I don’t know which report to run.”
“I know what report I need but I can’t find it.”

The Finding The Report You Need page will help you determine which report will address your needs and direct you to it.

Extracting and Customising Data

“I want to create my own reports using SIMS data”.

The Extracting and Customising Data page will explainhow to export SIMS data via Business Objects to local databases.

Report Development

Can’t find a report to meet your needs?  Perhaps we need a new one!

Find out how to request modification of an existing report or development of a new report via the Report Development page.