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Locating BusinessObjects Reports (Report name known)


When you know the name of the report, but don't know where to find it....


Use a keyword from the report title to search reports, using the BO Online Search Facility (See the Introduction to BusinessObjects Online in related resources).  A list of reports that you have access to and to which include your keyword in the title, will be displayed.

If the report is not displayed, you may not have access to the report or the folder where it is stored…


Business Objects reports are located in folders.  Each folder contains reports that have been grouped together on the basis of content.  No report can appear in more than one folder.  All the folders that include reports based on SIMS data are entitled SIMS….(e.g. all admissions reports appear in the SIMS Applicant Reporting folder).

When a user is granted access to a folder, s/he can automatically access all reports located within that folder.  Consequently a user’s access to a particular report is dependent on his/her folder access.   Familiarisation with the folders available, and the type of reports they contain, will help guide users to the report they need.

View existing folders, together with a brief description of the type of reports they contain and the protocol determining user access (See BO Folders and Access Rights in related resources).  This document should help you determine which folder is likely to contain your report and whether you have access to that folder.

If you’re not sure which folder contains the report you need…

Report List

A full list of published Business Objects reports is available via the List of Business Objects Reports - Student Data resources link.  The list is an Excel spreadsheet that lists the title of all published Business Objects reports, identifies each report’s folder location and includes a brief description of report functionality.

Use the list to identify which folder contains the report you need.

Users who need to expand their folder access to view a specific report should must complete and return a BusinessObjects application form (see related resources "Application Form SIMS and BO").  Include the name of the report you want to access and an explanation of why access is required.