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Student Records

Student reports are located in the SIMS Student Reporting folder.

Browsing the reports in this folder, using the report descriptions to determine report content, may lead you to the report you need.  Alternatively, the answer to some of the Frequently Asked Questions below may address your query

I need a list of students who have registered for a particular programme this academic year.

Enrolment by Course and Year Block.rep will provide this.  Alternatively access SIMS On-Line and run the report “List of Students on a Programme”

I need a list of students registered on a module

Run Module List (SMO).rep or access SIMS On-Line and run the report “List of students taking a module”.


I need a list of students for whom I act as Personal Tutor

Personal Tutor List.rep provides a lists of students sorted by Tutor name (where details of the Personal Tutor are recorded on SIMS).

We need to tell students who their Personal Tutor is.

Personal Tutor Register.rep provides list of students by programme, together with the name of the personal tutor (where details of the Personal Tutor are recorded on SIMS).

I need photos of my students

View your students via Student Record Card.rep, Student Photos by Course.rep or Student Photos by Module.rep.

I want to contact students on a particular module/programme by post/e-mail.
Home and Contact Details.rep provides home and term time contact details (address, telephone and e-mail) which can be exported and used to create mail merge data documents/Groupwise distribution lists.

Which of my students want to correspond in Welsh?

Welsh Correspondence Students.rep identifies students with whom you should correspond in Welsh.

I need to examine the student demographic.
Enrolments by Country of Domicile.rep, Enrolments by Disability.rep, Enrolments by Ethnic Origin.rep, Enrolments by Last School Attended.rep, Enrolments by Social background.rep will all be of interest.
Alternatively use Equality and Diversity Student Extract.rep to export equality and diversity data (defined by COCOM) from SIMS, via Business Objects, and analyse the data using appropriate software e.g. SPSS.

I want to extract data and run my own query.
Students Taking A Module Extract.rep and Current Students Personal Contact Programme Details Extract.rep were designed to enable users to export data from SIMS via Business Objects.  Information about the data extract reports can be found here.