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Admissions reports are located in the SIMS Applicant Reporting folder.

If you have access to this folder, browsing the reports it contains, using the report descriptions to determine report content, may lead you to the report you need.
Alternatively, the answer to some of the Frequently Asked Questions below may point you towards an appropriate report.

How many applications have been received for programme/School X?

How many applicants have been made offers for entry to programme/School X?

How many have been made offers for deferred entry to programme/School X?

Can I monitor applicant acceptance of offers made?

Admissions Analysis.rep illustrates for each School/programme/year of study:

  • the total number of applications received and rejected,
  • the total number of offers made, accepted (on a firm and insurance basis, where applicable) and confirmed.

Key Users can drill down to the lowest level to view details of applicants making up the top level statistics.  Other users should use the “Applicants to a Programme” report (available via SIMS On-Line) to view the status of each named applicant, by programme.

Has a decision been made on all applications received?
Run Outstanding Decision.rep to identify applicants for whom an initial decision remains outstanding.

The “Applicants to a Programme” report available via SIMS On-Line will also identify applicants for whom an initial decision remains pending.  Those applicants for whom the Dec/Resp field is blank await a decision.

How can I establish whether Undergraduate Insurance Applicants are likely to take up their place?
All UG conditional insurance (CI) applicants hold a firm choice elsewhere Admissions Confirmation.rep identifies the name of each applicant holding an insurance offer at Cardiff, together with their firm choice institution and the offer that institution made to the applicant.

Admissions Entry Qualifications.rep identifies the qualifications achieved by all applicants, post confirmation, as does the SIMS On-Line report “Student’s Qualifications“ (available via the Current Student Information Container).

Used together, these reports provide the information required to determine whether CI applicants have achieved the qualifications needed to meet the conditions of their CF offer and subsequently, whether they will take up Cardiff’s insurance offer.

I need admissions statistics for the last three years to take to committee.

The following reports could be of use:

  • Admissions Analysis. Rep.  Set the parameters appropriately to define your data cube and use filters (where necessary) to produce statistics on the basis of ethnicity, domicile, age, disability etc.(comparative data for the last five years available);
  • Applicant Stats- Gender-Postcode-Last School Attended (parameters allow the user to run the report for defined years of entry);
  • Applicants by Domicile & Gender.rep (parameters allow the user to run the report for defined years of entry).

Can I analyse the applicant demographic?

  • Admissions Analysis. Rep. Set the parameters of to define your data cube and use filters to produce statistics on the basis of ethnicity, domicile, age, disability etc..
  • Equality and Diversity Applications Extract.rep.  Use this report to export equality and diversity data (defined by COCOM) from SIMS, via Business Objects, and analyse the data using appropriate software e.g. SPSS.

I want to contact applicants holding unconditional offers by post/e-mail.
Export applicant home/contact details viaApplications Extract.rep and use them to create mail merge data documents/Groupwise distribution lists.

I want to extract data and run my own query.
Applications Extract.rep was designed to enable users to export data from SIMS via Business Objects.  Information about the data extract reports can be found here.