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Report Development

The SIMS Information Needs Group (SING) is responsible for the strategic development of Business Objects reports based on SIMS data.

The Group is a representation of REGIS and BIS staff and meets on a monthly basis to consider Users’ requests for modification to existing reports and development of new reports. (Click on the “Meeting Dates” Resources Link for details of the next meeting).

On receipt of a request, SING will determine whether the modification/development is feasible and assess the resource required for implementation, before presenting the request to SIMS Executive Group for consideration.   Final approval lies with SIMS Executive Group.

If you wish to submit a request to modify an existing report or develop a new report, please download and complete the SIMS Information Needs Form, available via the Resources link, and send it electronically to

Please note that development is likely to take some time, due to competing priorities and available resource.  Consequently requests must be submitted well in advance of the desired production date.