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Extracting and Customising Data

It is possible to use BusinessObjects extract reports to export applicant and/or student data from SIMS into a flat database file.  This option provides Users with an opportunity to export data from SIMS tables via Business Objects and create bespoke queries, reports and analyses that would not be feasible via the published generic reports.

What extracts are available?

BusinessObjects data extract reports have been developed to facilitate the extraction of data from SIMS for local manipulation in Access, Excel etc..  They can also be used to create mail merge data documents.   The reports are:

  • Application Records Extract
  • Current Students Details Extract
  • Equality and Diversity Applicant Extract
  • Equality and Diversity Student Extract
  • Students Taking A Module Extract
  • Departmental Extract PG Applicants
  • Departmental Extract PG Applicants (ALL Statuses)
  • Departmental Extract UG Applicants
  • Departmental Extract UG Applicants (ALL Statuses)
  • Student Extract of Home & Contact Details
  • Student Extract with agreed modules (SMO)
  • Student Extract with agreed modules (SMO) exc (PGR)
  • Student Extract with agreed modules (SMO) PGR only

There is no formatting on any of these reports, as they are designed for users to format as required.  

How do I use these extracts?

There are User Guides available to support users who wish to use the extract reports to create mail merge documents and e-mail distribution lists.

When is the content of extracts reviewed/amended?

The content of these data extracts is reviewed by the SIMS Information Needs Group (SING) at each meeting, in response to user requests.  Occasionally the extracts need to be amended to accommodate user requests approved by the SIMS Executive Group.  Amendments will normally be made during the first week of each month.    All scheduled amendments will be notified to users by e-mail, in advance, to enable those users who have set up automated procedures which could be affected by any changes to plan/take any action necessary to accommodate amendment.