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BO Accounts

Staff who want to use Business Objects must apply for a Business Objects Account.

To apply for a Business Objects Account:

  • download the “Business Object Application Form” from the Resources link;
  • complete the application form;
  • ask the Head of School or another authorised signatory to authorise the application by signing the form;
  • return the completed form to the Student System Development Team, REGIS.

The account creation process will be instigated on receipt of the completed, authorised form and will normally take a maximum of seven days to complete.

Associated Packages

In order to maximise use of Business Objects, new Users should also be proficient in the use of:

Excel *
Internet Explorer
Mail Merge*
Windows Explorer*.

Training in these packages must be arranged by the School/Directorate.  InsrvEducation provides training courses on the packages marked *.

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