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How are students supported throughout their studies?

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If students need any assistance, personal support or practical advice at any point during their time at Cardiff University there are people available to help.

Cardiff University has a three tier support network as follows:

  • A Personal Tutor
  • Student Support Centre
  • Student Advice Centre, Students’ Union

All students studying at Cardiff University are allocated a personal tutor who is a member of academic staff and who will give guidance on their studies and can provide advice on pastoral issues. They will be able to direct students to the most appropriate support services.

Student Support Centres

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Cardiff University has two Student Support Centres, one on the Cathays Park Campus and one on the Heath Park Campus. These centres have trained staff available to provide information and practical advice covering student finance, academic progress issues, housing, disability and dyslexia support. Services include specialist tutors for students with dyslexia, a support programme for disabled students and needs assessments for the Disabled Student Allowance. These centres also administer the Financial Contingency Funds for students.

Students may apply for additional support from these funds if they face particular hardship or unexpected costs during their time at University. Within the Student Support Centres there is a counselling service where students can talk through any emotional or other problems in a confidential non judgemental space.

Other services

Other services for students the University provides include a health centre, chaplaincy, crèche/day care centre, careers service and a Student Development Unit which provides a wide range of IT and other personal development courses.

Libraries and computer rooms have long opening hours into the evenings and at the weekends. Some computer rooms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cardiff University’s Students’ Union also provides an Advice Centre, offering advice on a wide range of housing, social and financial issues. There are approximately 20,000 students at Cardiff University with shared interests and the common goal of gaining a degree. This provides a strong and supportive network where close friendships develop.