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History of Asian Religions

This group is dedicated to research in Asian religion and culture, in particular Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Traditions. Much of its work involves the translation, exegesis, and dissemination, in various ways, of classical texts, and thus draws directly on the linguistic expertise which is one of the group's particular strengths (covering Sanskrit, Vedic, Epic and Classical, Pali, the Prakrits, Tibetan, Classical Chinese and Japanese as well as a selection of medieval and modern Indian vernaculars).

The group's activities include:

  • regular seminars and workshops which provide a forum for staff collaboration, visiting scholars from the UK and overseas, and postgraduate training
  • a series of open Asian Studies Workshops which investigate textual, linguistic and philosophical problems raised by the research of its members
  • a text-reading group which reads untranslated materials in Sanskrit and Pali, Chinese, and Tibetan
  • a Drama Workshop in which new translations of dramatic and related texts are tested and explored in a performative context
  • the formulation of collaborative research initiatives.
Centre for the History of Religion in Asia (CHRA)